A Group Of Parents Ask P-Noy And Supreme Court To Suspend K To 12 Program

A group of parents from the private and public schools submit petition citing the Supreme Court to stop the implementation of the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, which led to the program K - 12 program to add two years of high school education .

Rey Vargas , founding chairman of Parents for Children 's Education or ( PACE ) , said that they are questioning the the legality of  Republic Act 10533 in the Sipreme Court. Which does not go through the proper procedure  when  signed by President Benigno Aquino III.

Also the parents are never consulted about the implementation of such legislation .

The group also feared that this might caused many students  to stopped their study in the additional costs resulting from additional years of study .

" Maybe it may further increased dropouts students due to the extra cost of tuition , " said by Vargas , he also said that adding  extra two years to stay in school does not give guarantee that student will get better in their study.

"First and foremost , we all know that the Filipinos, are excellent even 10 years ago  the education system  in the country , compared to other countries 12 years , " he said . " There is no guarantee that if you have an extra 2 years , will be better student ."

Vargas believes,that K - 12 program,is not the solution for a high quality education in the Philippines.

" If the quality of education is the one that needs, it does  not guarantee the extra two years , " he insisted . "I hope that they focus in  improving the facilities , teacher training, many things can do , they can also increase the subjects or increase school hours . "

the government also deprives students of the right to immediately find a job when they lasted two more years at school .

Despite of this , Vargas called other parents  to speak and put the emotions of resistance in K to 12 program .

"I'm calling to President Aquino and the Supreme Court to suspend the K to 12 program because they were not ready for our public education system and poor  parents cannot afford  additional two years of their son in high school ,"
source: GMA