More Than 1,000 Soldiers Deployed In Sulu Against The Abu Sayyaf

More than a thousand soldiers moved from Luzon into Mindanao to pursue the bandit group Abu Sayyaf after its warning to execute one hostage holding it .

 In a statement by the Armed Forces of the Philippines on Sunday , said that 800 to 1,500 troops will be sent to Sulu suspected bandits hiding along the two Aleman hostage .

Two battalions of the military also moved well in other parts of Mindanao .

 " This is a redeployment that is part of an ongoing plan Which is anchored on our mandate to address internal and external security Situations , " according to the statement .

 Coming from Northern Luzon troops transferred to Sulu . They are also fighting soldiers communists there .

On Friday , Defense Secretary Voltaire said Guzman transferring troops is a way to go after the bullying of bandit groups in Mindanao .

 " [ The deployment was aimed to ] stop the Abu Sayyaf once and for all , " he said .

 Joining soldiers troops marines that were previously assigned to watch over the area .
 Gazmin 's added , not the government ; ll settlement ransom which costs a $ 5.62 million requested by the Abu Sayyaf hostage in exchange for two holding it . Gazmin 's also misjudged the alleged Abu Sayyaf group interaction of the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria .

ASG previously threatened the life of one of the German hostages in exchange for ransom and the withdrawal of Germany in support of the campaign against the US ISIS . Besides the German hostage , a number of other prisoners held the ASG . Last July , some video of ASG appeared to express its support ISIS .

Buried, Dug and Thrown On The Sea : The Okada - Cirunay Double Murder Case

Stabbed , wrapped in plastic , buried in the ground , dug again and then thrown into the ocean . This tragic plight of Filipina add Honeylyn Cirunay and his nobyong Japanese national named Yuji Okada . Not quite thought of surviving family of Honeylyn , 42 , who suddenly disappear lover in the middle of their sojourn here in the Philippines . Fifteen people remained in Japan to add Honeylyn and worked in a factory . When she came to the Philippines , including her 54 -year-old Yuji . He introduced his family to the bridegroom as her partner within a year . As well as specifically for honelyn brother namely Gian and Leo , welcomed family add Yuji . They also know the availability of shelter from the first Filipina wife . There was another child in her former husband while they includes , but he adopted it and sinustentuhan Filipinas die because of cancer . Running smoothly and all for what Yuji Honeylyn , cut up a grisly circumstances their peaceful sojourn .

Disappeared like a bubble 

 Gian could not believe their party on June 25 turned out the last time he had seen his brother . At that gathering , said Yuji and Honeylyn their intention to reside permanently in Japan . As of June 29, not raw call cellphone lover . It began to worry the family . " We Naaalarma , not necessarily because WHAT ABOUT US ' eh yung add Honeylyn . Especially during the rainy season here with us , call ' yun , "said Leo . In the middle of their search , a text message they received were dead Yuji and raw Honeylyn . Naplakahan supposedly a concerned citizen 's car daw placement of the bodies of lovers . With the help of the National Bureau of Investigation ( NBI ) , has been found to Yuji 's such a car named Don Neil Reyes has brought the vehicle containing the corpses of two . Due to the information gathered , invited Don Neil authorities to provide testimony . In his extrajudicial confession , did not deny the man pagkakadawit crime .

Is justice will prevail ?

With the help of the Coast Guard and the Infanta Municipal Police Station , taken the NBI and the " Investigator " corpse retrieval operation by Yuji Honeylyn on August 19 and also worked with the authorities three kakalakihang admit their involvement in the crime last month . Despite the raging waves , the group spelled the ocean to reach the Pollilo Strait , defined three areas where they dumped the bodies . diversoperatives that this part of the beach but they do brings good news to their ascent . Lt. Eugenio Federico Coast Guard , in addition to strong current under the sea , it is also possible to claim that separate bodies are installed here sinker. He added , also is found impossible to full body for a month and a half have passed since discard them . Operatives also went to the pits saying what first pinagtapunan Yuji and Honeylyn to take DNA samples . Great hope DNA can help in gathering physical evidence , but Unfortunately, no DNA left in the pit . He also contended determine the blood samples acquired red blanket . But panigurado authority , however they failed to gather enough physical evidence , strong yet also said the case because of its acknowledgment of three men and Don Neil . NBI filed the double murder case what Ashley Okada and Raleigh and Don's father Neil Reyes . With extra parricide lawsuit also for Ashley because he legally adopted by Yuji . Dawit also in case the three men helped pagdidispatsa the corpse . If convicted , face of involving life imprisonment as punishment . Whether the investigation rolling , quite still mourning loved ones left behind by Yuji and by Honeylyn . Not least because they just got mapaglamayang lips . But otherwise daw body found in sea precious brother , only request the remainder of Honeylyn that eventually justice would have gone up .

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Killers Of Cherry Pie Picache's Mother , Make A Way To Confuse The Investigators

There is no forced of entry or use of force by the suspects who killed the mother of actress Cherry Pie Picache . It is based on the investigation conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation ( NBI ) in the home of the victim . GMA News TV 's Balitanghali on Saturday , said the re - enactment made ​​the NBI , together Picache home of the victim . recalling the first reported to be seen by Picache and its driver open the door of the gate when they reach the victim's home in Quezon City last Friday night . Picache ordered the driver to enter the house and there saw the bloody corpse of the mother

But the notion of NBI , the suspects apparently meant to destroy the lock on the gate to confuse investigators and said the trigger that made ​​forcefully entering the home . Because of this , the NBI suspect possible acquaintance of Mrs. . Sison culprit . Also take the NBI forensic evidence inside the house have found footprints or footprint on the stairs of the house that supposedly came from the victim . Holders also said four new witnesses and authorities made ​​that artist 's composite sketch of the suspect based on statements of the witnesses .

Possible Rotating Brownout In Luzon By 2015

House Energy Committee chair and Oriental mindoro Rep. Reynaldo Umali aforementioned Energy Secretary carlos village Petilla told House leaders during a making known last week that brownouts area unit seemingly to happen from March to june 2015 if Congress fails to pass a resolve authorizing Aquino to contract extra generating capability for the Luzon grid.

The National Grid corporation. of the Philippines (NGCP) raises the “yellow alert” once the overall reserve is a smaller amount than the capability of the most important plant on-line. For the Luzon grid, this is often 647 megawatts (MW). A alert, meanwhile, is raised once the contingency reserve is zero or a generation deficiency exists.

The President cited the Section 71—the power Crisis Provision—of Republic Act 9136 or the electrical Power trade Reform Act (EPIRA) because the basis for the Congress to grant him authorization.

Section seventy one states, "Upon determination by the President of the Philippines of AN at hand shortage of the provision of electricity, Congress might authorize, through a resolve, the institution of extra generating capability."

According to the DOE’s estimates, an influence insufficiency between 300-1,200 MW might have an effect on the Luzon grid by March 2015. The 1,200 energy deficit might occur if the El Niño seems to be severe, Umali said.

The House and Senate area unit set to conduct their various inquiries to see the country’s actual or projected energy deficit for next year.

Umali, WHO eyes the House approval of the resolve wanted by the President before Gregorian calendar month ends, maintained Congress won't offer Aquino blanket authority to unravel the energy crisis.

“What {we can|we will|we area unit able to} additionally assure the general public is that we'll not offer blanket authority [to the President] like however it's exhausted the past… Instead we'll do our job by ensuring that we'll not burden the individuals to the extent it’s doable attributable to the crisis that we have a tendency to are attempt within the summer months of 2015,”

Derek Ramsay Talks About Settlement

Derek Ramsay confirmed that he decided not to continue taking the " trust fund " for their children Mary Christine Jolly .

This is because others said the interpretation of Mary 's camp about ready allowance would have given the actors .

“A settlement is supposed to be made for my son.
“But, I guess, we just had to do with a different type of settlement—by continuing with what she has filed against me because I’m doing this for him [son],” TV5 star said.

On the conversation Between Derek and his son on September 18 , allegedly smashed his heart when Derek confirm that his 11 - year - old son confirmed that all stated are true in its letter issued with Fiscal Erwin Dimayacyac .

Based on the copy of the letter of children missed ( Philippine Entertainment Portal ) , announced his kids hate him so much because of the abandonment of the actors to their mother .
Letter also stated that children do not recognize Derek as a father because of all the imperfections of actors for a long time .

Derek says about it , " That 's why I wanted to put up a trust fund right away .
"That’s really been put aside, actually.

“That's what I wanted—a trust fund for him to touch when he's at the right age.
“And anything to fast-track me to be a father.

"It's just so hard that they didn’t give me an opportunity to be a father when Mary is saying that dereks is that what he wants?

" In the beginning , that he would , if he wanted me to be involved in the life of my son .
“Since 2011, I’ve been trying so hard to.”

Another of the things that surprised said Derek , 37 , is the request of the camp of Mary , 33 , to pay the actor spent the latter for its legal counsels .

Derek 's statements about it ,“We were informed that even after that, I'd have to shoulder everything else with regards to her lawyers.

“I had to pay for everything. So, we were like, 'Huh?'”
PEP and talked some more entertainment reporters Derek after the preliminary investigation held in Makati Prosecutor 's Office yesterday , September 25 .

It still relevant complaint violating R.A. 9262 Mary filed against Derek on June 27 , 2014 .

Philippine's Is Preparing For The Visit Of Pope Francis This January

The Philippine government said that they will give the Pope Francis The absolute security as given to President Benigno " Noynoy " Aquino III . Because of this , the Presidential Security Group ( PSG ) is required to cooperate with Swiss Guards care Pope arrives in the country in January 2015 .

In a press conference on Friday , said presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda Secretary to give the government the Pope 's further protection as does the president of the country .

" There will be a coordination Between the Swiss Guards and also the PSG Not just because we tell the details of his security issue , " Lacierda explained .

Despite tight security enforced the Pope , Lacierda also assured that , " Pope Francis will be as visible as the other Holy Fathers who have come before . "

Scheduled arrival of Pope Francis , leader of the Roman Catholic Church and head of state of Vatican City , on January 15 and will last four days .

According to Manila Archibishop Cardinal Luis Tagle , including places to go Pope Francis has some areas devastated by super typhoon Yolanda Visayas , and some places also in Manila .
This past July, Aquino ordered its entire government would ensure successful visit to the country of the Pope.

Meanwhile , a lot of exitement in Luis Angelo Oca , the possibility to play the pipe organ he found in the second floor of the Manila Cathedral to visit the country by Pope Francis .

Because the other expectations will hold a special mass for Pope Francis said church and add Oca lucky play the pipe organ, the oldest pipe organ in Southeast Asia ." Nervous , excited , feeling truly blessed , " said Oca .

Not yet final itinerary of the Pope 's visit in January 2015 , but he expected him to Manila Cathedral magmimisa as did that and now Pope Saint John Paul II 's visit to the country .

Trixie Maristela Admire The Ability Of Tom Rodriguez As A Game Host

Super Sireyna Trixie Maristela is very happy that he attended the game Do not Lose the Money , the latest game show on GMA . But he hoped that his experience will be memorable in the show because of some things .

1 As with Tom  even its his First - time ever to be host on a game show. i really admire him and he is so very nice , very bubbly , very lively . He learned to live with the contestants , then he can  even entertain us even though he is very tired we are, " Trixie Maristela  said.

2. Because of the unique experience to show Trixie was delighted because they had a very bonding his fellow Sireynas . " I think the experience is very unique . He enjoyed and very physical . I go to the gym so for him the year yung heart fit and strong because you have actually energy . It was fun , " says Trixie .

3 Because he learned many Not just pure fun the game but he also learned much playing . " ( Important yung ) teamwork so you need to co - coordinate ' yung plan . Second would be strategy . He was not only concentrated power , he not only concentrated speed . You need to know how to strategize , then last , you need to plan well , " he said .

4 Because the more you appreciate the money After challenges to Do not Lose the Money , Trixie's more understood the importance of money . Because it is not easy to get, all you need careful spending . " Think before you Spend [should ] . Think first if you need or want just him . Also , be environment - friendly . Make sure that you buy yung not harm the nature of sexual activities more beneficial for everyone , " he conclusion .

An 80,000 4th Year Students in High School , Could be People's Scholar?

An 80,000 4th Year students in high school , could be People's Scholar

Up to 80,000 public high school students graduating can be a free and might have a quality education to college next school year if the congress or senate passed into law this measure " Scholars of the People.
"If passed in the bicameral conference panel on Thursday such measures and confident by its author might signed by President Benigno Aquino III sign by when submitted this proposal to the Malacañang .

" It is a way of letting 80,000 families feel the benefits of a growing economy . This is the very essence of an inclusive growth , " said Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano , principal author of the measure . " Scholars of the People. "

" This will give deserving students opportunities to have and land better paying jobs and subsequently provide better futures for them self and their families , " he added .

Under the proposal , the government instructed all state universities and colleges ( SUCs ) to grant automatic admission and scholarship grants the top ten public high school students in their graduating classes .

If this measure " Scholars of the People is fully ammenmend by our president aquino, this will give a lot of of chance, hope for all the filipino students whom does not have the capable of entering a highschool or college because of money problem? Or the incapable of their parents to bring them to a better schools?

" I thank members of the bicam panel as well as House and Senate leaders who made ​​the measure a priority bill . This is a testament to the ability of members of Congress to Disregard politics in order to work for the greater good , " he said .

PNoy Addresses Climate Change In UN Summit

Philippine President PNoy, told  world leaders  present in the United Nations Climate Change Summit in New york. Last Tuesday to take action on the climate change.

“Aquino said, All of us has to act everything  to address climate change  without  waiting the neighboring  country to engage first?

Aquino noted that the Philippines bore a disproportionately has  larger problems when once it comes to global climate change.

Aquino said that Philippines wanted to boobst its efforts to fighting  global climate change.

"We havent  lacked resolve as an example as regards transitioning towards less older sources of energy. What we have dont have is that the access to technology, funding and investment which will permit us to upgarde our strategy. i think the challenge to us is to initiate on ways in which during which transfer of helpful technology in building climate good infrastructure may be achieved below a world unity of effort,"

a national network of civil society organizations performing on numerous climate and development-related problems – claimed President Aquino's statements throughout his speech at the international organization climate summit were "misleading."

Denise Fontanilla, AKPs official, said Aquino "Aquino is misleading other countries by saying they are already addressing climate change.

Fontanilla cited what she claimed as lackluster implementation of the renewable energy act, claiming that Aquino even ridiculed star and wind energy advocates in last year's State of the state Address.

"To say that 'we have not lacked resolve' in shifting to renewable energy may be a blatant lie," Fontanilla aforementioned.

The Philippines was hit last year by super storm Yolanda that killed six,100 people. Some 200,000 families were additionally displaced by the storm, one in all the strongest ever recorded in history.

The Climate Summit is supposed to feature political momentum to a international organisation method to negotiate a climate-change agreement in Paris by 2015.

Cleveland Cavalier's The Best In The East

Cleaveland cavalier’s may be the best in the east in the upcoming 2014-2015 NBA season. With a star studed superstar’s. Especially the come back of the prodigal son of Akron, Ohio Lebron James.
Lebron James a  four time MVP and a two time NBA Champion’s with the Miami Heat, returns home to Cleveland, maybe for good? And a promise that he aint going anywhere anymore?

With Lebon james. The best player on the planet today, Cleveland will be a competitive team in the upcoming season? Joining him in a previous trade Kevin Love a superstar on his own right a basketball player with high intellectual  IQ in playing basketball. Kevin love,Which play Forward with a shooting outside and also can post in the perimeter will give the Cavaliers an extra offence.

Kyrie Irving, which the MVP of the previously FIBA Baskeball champion, will be a great tandem to Lebron James and kevin Love, Forming The” New Big Three”.
Aside from them, the lineup of cavaliers has a pack of superstar’s. former  teamate of Lebron James in Miami Heat, Jame Jones, Mike Miller and perhap’s Ray Allen  might join the Cavaliers? Which still not decided yet to which team he will play? All three superstars are all 3-point shooter specialist. That might give the Cleveland an outside shooting advantage? With championship experience, this will give advantage’s to Cavaliers.

Shawn marion, also join the cavalier’s with a championship experience and a unique style of playing this superstar’s of a former champion with the Dallas Maverickd, will give additional fit to the line up of Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland Cavaliers, is a Championship Contender’s in the upcoming season. with a star studed lineup, a lot of spectation will be expecting to them, With  Lebron James Co –exist to felow Superstars Kevin Love and kyrie Irving? Can wait the start of the season and see what the Cavaliers will perform/ all eyes are in this team/ how lebron James will succed in the eyes of the Hater’s?

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Mount Mayon Is Crumbling Again

Mount Mayon, is one of the most active volcano in the Philippines and also one of  the among’s  the Philippines illustrious volcano thanks to the just about excellent cone and bilaterally symmetric form or shape,Also Mayon Volcano is one among busiest tourer spot within the philippines.

Mayon Volcano is one among the foremost active volcano within the Philippines, it's been erupted many times. In 1814, 1881, 1897, 1993,2006, 2008, 2009-2010, 2013 Phreatic  eruption

And in 2014 revived activity
As of these days ,thousands of individuals living close to the Philippines' most active volcano began exploit their homes on Tuesday as volcanic rock trickled down its slopes and authorities warned of a dangerous eruption. Residents inside AN eight-kilometre (five-mile) radius are forcibly exhausted,

Locals concerned within the tourer trade were expecting Mayon's latest burst to be a mini-boom.
The area, concerning 330 kilometres (200 miles) southeast of Manila, is already a draw for guests World Health Organization need to visualize Mayon's cone, sample the region's spicy culinary art and visit its stunning beaches.

"This can boost native touristry.... it's sort of a party, folks square measure out in the dark observance," Who runs all-terrain vehicle tours close to the volcano for as several as a hundred tourists per week.

The 2,460-metre (8,070-foot) Mayon contains a long history of deadly eruptions.
In one814 over 1,200 folks were killed once volcanic rock flows buried the city of Cagsawa.
An explosion in August 2006 failed to cause direct deaths, however four months later a passing hurricane unleashed AN avalanche of volcanic mud from Mayon's slopes that killed one,000 people.
Even though that mayon volcano contains a stunning options and attraction its additionally the foremost dangerous volcano within the Philippines.

Diwa, Pilar, Bataan

Diwa, Pilar Bataan is my hometown, im proud to be living there, why? Because Diwa, when it come s to tourism, this place is one of the busiest place to visit in bataan. Nice place, clean, nice people and a lot of place to visit.
The most popular and the most visited place to visit in Diwa, Pilar, Bataan is the National Shrine, “The Mt.Samat”.  Mt Samat represents the Heroic and bravery of the the Filipino and American soldiers during the world war ll. On April 9, Mt.Samat celebrate their yearly commemoration of their the Heroic and bravery of World war ll.

Another famous place to visit in Diwa, Pilar is the Dunsulan Falls. Dunsulan Falls is Located Beneath the foot of the mountain of Mount Samat. I already visit this place!  Nice Falls, Quit place, nice place foe people who want to relax, clean water. As far as I know, there is an entrance fee now when you want to visit dunsulan Falls. Not in our time when were kids it is free!!!

Another place to visit in Diwa, is the irrigation system, which was built when I was a kid, this is the common plac eto visit by many people because it is the easiest place to come to. Back way there it is used to be a picnic place! A lot of people are swimming there, a lot of cottage and the irrigation has a hanging bridge which might the one of the attraction in Diwa irrigation.
Next time you visit bataan, try this place come and visit them, somewhat you will realize under the place of a small town, there is a lot of place to visit and memorable things.
Aside from Diwa, The next barangay after another, Each Barangay has a lot of place to Visit, like the Bataan Nuclear power plant, Las cassas, Beaches in bagac and Morong, so there is lot of place to visit.
So come and visit Bataan!!!

FIBA: Sorry Loss For Spain

Sorry Loss for the Spain!!!
The World awaiting battle between European country and USA for the 2014 FIBA Basketball tournament isn't gonna happen. France surprised the hosted city European country in an exceedingly gorgeous win 65-52.

Spain the largest threat to the USA and in truth, European country sounded like the planet Cup favorites, But“It’s powerful generally for a team to play reception and therefore the pressure would possibly affected the hosts’ team?

the Spanish frontline of Pau Gasol, brother Marc Gasol and cloth Ibaka was neutral by Diaw and France’s combine of young centers.

Spain Who was the presupposed to be the dominant team over France has struggle the complete game.
Pau Gasol scored a game-high seventeen points, however didn’t dominate like he had in earlier games. His brother and Ibaka each shot 1-for-7. France compete the sport with defense and European country compete the sport with pressure.

Pau Gasol say's. it absolutely was painful loss we have a tendency to compete unbelievable tournament however it simply wasn’t for us!!!

A lot of Expectator was aghast and disappointed! for European country as a number country for FIBA BASKETBALL this is often an enormous surprised for them a stunning lost, A dominant team within the early a part of FIBA games a crowd favorate for the FIBA title and suddenly lost to France! that is the game of Basketball, every one says the ball is round!!!

Center Pau Gasol has doubts concerning his future with the national team following the hosts' shock quarter-final defeat by France at the basketball tournament on Wednesday.

The Spaniards, filled with NBA skills and joint favorites with the us, were expected to succeed in the ultimate however the competition against France that began with fans in gala spirits finished with necessitate coach Juan Antonio Orenga to resign.

The defeat may well mean the tip of associate era for a productive Spanish aspect World Health Organization upraised the 2006 tournament, bagged silver medals at the last 2 Olympiad and won 2 of the last 3 European Championships.

hopefully future FIBA Basketball, the European country can come sturdy which time to face the US!!!