China’s Air Missile Are in Position in One of Disputed Island in South China Sea

Philippines – As the conflict of interest in disputed island arises with some neighboring country, the aggressive China has already deployed and position their surface to air missile in Woody Island, one of many disputed island that China occupied in South China Sea.

The news already reached President Benigno “Noy”Aquino lll, who is currently in Sunnylands, California, attending a meeting about stopping the militarization of China in the region of disputed islands.

The meeting was attended by ten leaders of Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN and US President Barrack Obama.

President Aquino, has already ask the Philippine Secretary of National Defense to verify the validity of the report.

The news was first broke in Taiwan, when Major Gen. David Lo, spokesman for the Taiwan Defense Ministry, revealed that several batteries of missiles and radar systems are placed on Woody Island, part of the Paracels chain. In which the said island is also been claiming by the country of Taiwan and Vietnam.

According to an official report of the US Department of Defense, the tensions heightened in the area of disputed island after seeing a photo of allegedly taken by a private company ImageSat International, seeing  two batteries of eight missile launchers and radar systems on Woody Island.

Based on the image, the HQ - 9 air defense systems, with a range of up to 125 miles or 200 kilometers might be a possible threat to international plane that passing through the area.
source: abante