How would you Know if all Driver or Plug-in of your Computer are Properly Installed

If you decided to reformat your Desktop or Laptop, be sure to check if all the necessary drivers or devices are properly installed. 

Commonly Desktop has a separate CD disc driver where you can find all the necessary driver to be installed in the computer system once you have finished formatting your desktop.

The Cd driver, usually comes with VGA driver, internet driver, sound driver and some other software that your desktop needed to be properly used. If one of these are not installed, you will not be able to use the full functionality of your desktop.

If you are not familiar with this tutorials perhaps this article is for you to learn.

The most common drivers that should a computers must have or installed:

1. VGA - stands for video graphic acceleration, it is a graphic display that used for watching video and games. If not installed you cannot used this function.

2. Sound Driver – sound driver is use for sound system. If not installed your computer will not be able to produce sounds.

3. Internet Driver – this driver is used for connecting the World Wide Web or the internet, if not installed or properly installed you will not be able to connect on the internet.

For Laptop:

As for my experience, they have a built in driver, so even if you reformat it, there is nothing to worry about their drivers, such as video, sounds and internet, they are all built in. 

All you have to do is install the proper Operating system that will be compatible on your Laptop. 

This tutorial is base on my own knowledge and experience, it may different from others due to different operating system and brand of computers.

Kindly inform me if there any miss-information or any additional information that could be added.