Anthony Davis Lift the Lakers in a Buzzer Beater win against the Nuggets

NBA – The Los Angeles Lakers Superstar Center/Forward Anthony Davis hits a buzzer beater 3’s that save the Lakers in a possible loss to resilient Denver Nuggets in Game 2 of the best of seven Western Conference Finals in Orlando, Florida at the Bubble.

With only 2.1 seconds remaining in the game the LA Lakers had their last possession of the ball. With no timeouts remaining which the Lakers players must provide a play that could win the game?

Prior to Lakers last ball possession, Denver Nuggets superstar guard Jamal Murray had his chance of winning the game for the Nuggets if only he can hold the ball or possibly throw the ball back inside the court but instead he lost it out of bounce. before that he blocks Danny Green shots that also prevent the lakers to score before the ball goes outside the court. 

Now. With all eyes on LeBron James, who had a high probability that he might take the last shot or last play of the game, but instead he did not move on his position and instead he became a decoy where two Nuggets player gamble to double team LeBron that leads to Anthony Davis open.

Anthony Davis is surprisingly wide open on the left side of the court and with a great pass by Lakers guard Rajon Rondo to Davis, Davis throws a 3’s just right at the buzzer that lifted the Lakers in 105 – 103 win that push the series 2 – 0 in favor of the LA Lakers.

Meanwhile the Denver Nuggets give their all to get back in the game after falling down by a double digit lead in the game and with under 3 minutes in the game they made a remarkable comeback behind their superstar Nikola Jokic with his own 11 straight points.

Will the Denver Nuggets will their way to win in Game 3 after a sorry loss in Game 2? or \will the Lakers go for 3 – 0 and put the Nuggets in tight position? Let’s wait and see this coming Game 3.

How to Pay MERALCO Bills Via GCASH

Philippines – MERALCO Bill is a monthly electric utility bill that is being delivered to our house every month informing the consumer of how much electricity they consume and also signal that this is the time to pay our electricity bills.

MERALCO is an electric company which widely used in Greater Manila Area and some nearby provinces like us in Laguna and of all the Electric company in the country the MERALCO company is considered as the most reliable electric company in the country.

Now, how to pay MERALCO Bill by using GCASH? at this time of crisis where people are limited on going outside of their houses.

Meralco released a mobile apps that we can use to pay our bills by not going outside of our house or going to their nearest branches by simply using your android phone and GCASH Mobile APP’s just simply follow these steps.

1. Open your GCASH APP
2. Click pay bills
3. Click electric utilities
4. Search for MERALCO
5. After finding MERALCO, complete these details such as Pay for Current, Meralco reference number, amount and email address (Optional).
6. Or you may scan your Meralco Bills by clicking the Blue Bar Code.
7. After completing all the details click next.
8. And that’s all, your done paying your electric bills.

You can also watch the video tutorial below to further understand on how to pay your MERALCO Bills through GCASH.

Of course aside from their mobile apps there are still a lot of choices to pay your MERALCO Bills in different payment center in the country such as follow below:
1. USSC or Western Union
2. 7-11 Kiosk Machine
4. And others.

Credit to: thenewsbite