Josefina Tallado Talks About The Viral Scandal Of Husband Gov. Edgardo Tallado

Josefina Tallado, wife of Camarines Norte Gov. Edgardo Tallado, confirmed Wed that her husband features a scandal video.
" I simply saw however I did not upload it, " she aforementioned in an interview.

" I simply saw that they have created scandal video and a few footage along . perhaps that’s the what extremely mad at me .

Mrs. Tallado was initially reported missing last friday by the Camarines Norte governor.
He  reported that his wife and a friend, Darlene Francisco, visited Lupi, Camarines Sur and had not been seen since.

On Wed, Mrs. Tallado showed up at ABS-CBN and aforementioned she wasn't kidnapped.
She also said that she escaped her husband as a result of she fears for her own life when Tallado allegedly accused her of posting a horny pic of him together with his alleged mistress.
During the confrontation, she aforementioned that she was afraid of her husband as a result of he was carrying a gun.
"we have several gun however he never brought on his back or within the drawer of our chamber . she said .

She aforementioned that before the incident, she already knew that her husband had an affair since she saw their pictures furthermore  the scandal video.

Asked why she didn't leave her husband?, she said:
"I'd still wish to avoid wasting our marriage . But I see, no reason to proceed more as a result of its useless to fight for the marriage that he doesn't want ME . i am waiting to speak to me however he did not, "she said .

Mrs. Tallado's friend, Darlene Francisco, also aforementioned she was able to read the messages of the governor's mistress with another individual.
She aforementioned that their exchange message showed that they were about to harm Mrs. Tallado.
"They talk about  aunt Josie. they're simply Suspicios that she posted the Scandal photo ... she said.

Tallado 's lawyer , Lorna Kapunan, aforementioned she was also able to read the transcript of the FB private messages and came to one conclusion .

" it had been extremely planted as a result of in Facebook they plan what's happening in reality . Like they aforementioned that they are going on Caravan, the they intended  there plan would happen," she said .

"So she was able to avoid it.
one step ahead thanks to the exchange message…….


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