The First Economic Zone In The Philippines "The Bataan Economic Zone"

The Bataan Export Processing Zone, which also known as BEPZ, is a special economic zone located at the Province of Mariveles, Bataan,Philippines.

 It is the very first "free trade zone" in the country of Philippines. It is  established through the enactment of Republic Act No. 5490 by Congress of the Philippines during the regime of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

The economic zone is being managed by Bataan Export Processing Zone Authority created under the law that established the zone.

 BEPZ is located in a cove at the southern tip of the Bataan Peninsula. It is measure for about 172.3 kilometers from Manila via national road of the Bataan Provincial Highway and through North Luzon Expressway, Gapan-Olongapo Road and Roman Highway.

 It has a total land area of 153.9 km² representing 12% of the total land area of province of Bataan. The Agricultural resources of Mariveles, Bataan, include rice, mangoes, legumes, vegetables and coffee. It also has aquatic resources like round scads, grouper, mussel, and abalone; mineral deposits of granite and basalt and forest products like vines and bamboo.

 BEPZ, consist of diferrent company who made different product like shoes, bags, ford car, tennis ball, garments, packaging cartoon, lighter and others. Workers came from different region of the country, which mostly consist of Tagalog, kapampangan and ilokano.

 Every year from The Bataan Economic Zone or BEZ conduct  a trade fair during the month of November to December. The tennis balls used in the Wimbledon Grand Slam are made in the Bataan by the company of Dunlop Slazenger.

Know The Question That Touches The Heart Of Pope Francis

Manila, Philippines – After a 5 day’s visit by the Pope an emotional  mass was held at the Luneta,Manila. Which millions of people gathered in Luneta to see the Pope last mass, before the Pope bound to go back at the Vatican.

Plenty of activities was held during the mass and the most intriging events was the testimonies of two young kids who was given the chance to ask a question to Pope Francis.

During the said mass, two kids which is 14-year-old Jun Chura and 12-year-old Glyzelle Iris Palomar has given the chance to give testimony to Pope Francis.

These two kids where once a street children till they  were saved by the Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation. one of many organization that comforts street children in the Philippines.

Glyzelle Iris Palomar, One of the children abandoned by their parents and currently living in Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation. this young girl who read the testimony by asking a question to the Pope “Why does God allow things like these to happen? Because children are innocent, and why is it that only a few people help us?

 A question that makes all filipino watching on TV and especially the people at the Luneta that touches their heart. A question that maybe even a Pope will not know the answer?

In this world life sometimes is unfair, we are just to live with it or do something about it?

After the young girl, finish her testimony, she cried and touches the heart of the Pope.

The two kids came over to Pope Francis, and the two kids kiss and hug the Pope and the Pope hugged the children several times, while the crowd was awe-inspired.

Sad to say that because of poverty, irresponsible parents, children are forced to live in the street. Doing some things even is not good or against the law that they will do just to survive in life?

Maybe someday not just on the Philippines but in the world, maybe street children will be lessen or much better no more street children?

Government Reviewed Some List Of Prisoners To Be Grant Executive Clemency

Manila, Philippines -  the office of President Benigno Aquino III 's review the list of prisoners recommends by  the Department of Justice ( DOJ ) to grant executive clemency , according to a MalacaƱang official .

In a press briefing on Tuesday , presented by Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. , who submitted the list by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to the Palace of the recommended  prisoners to release.

" Currently the analyzation and recommendations  is being reviewed and when it is issued it is certainly will be announced to the public ," Coloma said.

It is not confirmed that the executive clemency of the prisoner will be granted before the Pope comes in the Philippines this coming Thursday.

Recently De Lima, announced executive priority list for presidential pardon the older prisoners with serious illnesses

It was after calling the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP ) President Aquino to release the sick , the elderly, and abandoned subsequent inmate also the theme of the visit of the Pope to the country , " Mercy and Compassion . "

The power of the presidency to release prisoners in accordance with the provisions of Article VII , Section 19 of the 1987 Constitution states: " Except in cases of impeachment , or as otherwise provided in this Constitution , the President may grant reprieves , commutations , and pardons , and remit fines and forfeitures , after conviction by final judgment. "

Also stated in Republic Act 4103 or indeterminate Sentence Law, the ' commutation of sentence ' means a reduction in the sentence of a prisoner .

Meanwhile , it also means the " conditional pardon " of saving an individual from the corresponding penalty provided by law for the offense , but it has some limitations and conditions .
source: GMA

Convict Attact A Child Inside NBP, Blamed To The lack Of Guard

Officials blamed the New Bilibid Prison guard  due to lack of security after an attack by a prisoner  to an  eight year old girl in a maximum security compound in Muntinlupa City . the victim was found inside the bathroom with collars and unconscious .

In a report on GMA News TV 's " News " on Saturday quoted NBP Superintendent Richard Schwarzkopf , which should be monitored by a jail guard in the prison 's 500 inmates.

But on the day the incident occurred , said that every jail guard must monitor more than 1,000 inmates and members of their families who went to jail for New Year of “ Bahala na Gang” group .

During special occasions , the visitor is also allowed in the maximum security compound to the dormitory of high-risk inmates.

The children of prisoners age 1 to 10 years old is also allowed to visits to the cell as long as their parents  will be watching them.

Its been a Long raw such rules exist but because of incident , the NBP to have a change the rules.

Schwarzkopf said that the report must also increase Guard which based on New Bilibid Prison .

According to the report , placed in isolation rooms within the NBP Maximum Security Compound suspect, that the suspect is a co-group of the father of the young victim .

Added to the report that scheduled on Monday which prosecute the prisoners .

the child was saw in the bathroom with collars and unconscious .

It emerged that in the medical examination of the child that the was abused .
source: GMA