CAV’s Ends OKC Winning Streak

Cleveland Cavaliers host the visiting team Oklahoma Thunder in Quickens Loans Arena. The Thunder who won their last 6 games, is slowly showing their force in the western Conference having a 17-8 record, third best in the west.

While the cavaliers still holds the best record in eastern conference with 16-7 in solo first place.

The game summary was OKC, early grab the biggest lead of the game during the first half, establishing a double digit lead until the cav’s make a 16-0 run and ended the first half 46-47 OKC.

At the second half, the OKC starts the 3rd quarter strong by establishing a double digit lead but then again the cavaliers makes a rally just like the first half and ending the 3rd quarter score of 74-78 OKC.

In the 4th quarter, the cavaliers, continue their momentum leading by the 4 time MVP LeBron James and the monster rebounding and hustle play by Tristan Thompson, cavs establishing a double digit lead. OKC, makes a final run but came short as the cavaliers holds the game and ended the 6 straight wins of the thunder.

With the cavaliers wins, they are now having a four winning streak.

LeBron James, lead all scorer, putting 33 pts, 11 assist and 9 rebounds, 1 rebound shy for a another triple double. Cavs supporting cast gives 5 player in double digit, Kevin Love with 11 pts, JR Smith 11 pts, Matthew Delavedova with 11 pts, Richard Jefferson with 11 pts and Tristan Thompson with 14 pts. Cavaliers next assignment is Philadelphia 76ers

While the Thunder lead by Russel Westbrooke by 28 pts, Kevin Durrant with 25 pts and Serge Ibaka with 23 pts. The thunder next assignment is the Los Angeles Lakers at their home Chesapeake Arena.

Senate President Franklin Drilon Suspend LTO's New Policy For Getting Drivers License

Land Transportation Office (LTO), is in hot seat again after implementing a new policy requiring people who need drivers license must secure first a Police Clearance and NBI Clearance before going to any LTO Offices.

Upon receiving left and right petition from the public on the newly implemented requirements to acquire Driver license, Senate President Franklin  Drilon and Senate  Pro Tempore Ralph Recto temporary issue on the suspension of the new policy after questioning the timing of the implementation during  a plenary deliberations on the proposed  budget of  DOTC.

Senate President Franklin Drilon, was not satisfied on the new policy after questioning the said law and ask the LTO to review their new policy first before they implement it into law.
The new policy which required Police Clearance and NBI Clearance, might be a big problem for drivers with derogatory record. In which they cannot acquire driver license if they are facing criminal case.

Those who are facing “crime against persons and  property and moral certitude,” are cannot be able to acquire drivers license, which immediately deprecated by Senator Drilon.

Drilon explain that the new policy will greatly affect common people especially those people who have pending criminal case in which they cannot drive as their source of income because of the new policy implemented by the LTO.

Meanwhile, Social media user expressed their opinions about the LTO new policy, they said that the new policy will only add another burden for people that has already experiencing a burden on acquiring new plates and drivers license. Which took several months before they get their plate and licenses. Instead of adding new policy why not on focusing on how to serve people by improving their services for fast transaction.

LTO is one of the Government agency, in which highly criticized for poor services since they implemented new plates and new pvc id card for drivers license.
source: Inquirer

Many Voters Failed To Register As The Voters Registration Ended Yesterday October 31

Yesterday, was the last day of registration for all voters to registered and to complete their biometrics in order to vote in the up coming 2016 national elections.

As expected many voters swamp their way to COMELEC Offices and satellite registration in some various mall. Thousands of voters piled their way to be able to registered their names through the last minute of registration.

But many voters are frustrated and disappointed of the unorganized line and it seems many of them will not be able to registered and may not have the chance to vote in the 2016 Elections.

While The COMELEC, seems are not buying their frustration in which voters are given an early chance to go to COMELEC offices to registered as early as possible. They have given a lot of time since last year and yet they come only on the last day of registration and now complaining and frustrated as they experiencing an orderly situation. The mentally of coming on the “Last Minute”.

At this point COMELEC, has a point why come on the last day of registration? And now showing frustration on not having to vote? Even though we have work or we have limited time? We as voters has  to make time for this. To be able to be part of the 2016 Election.

COMELEC, also stands on their policy that NO BIOMETRICS, NO VOTE  and NO EXTENSION, will be helding on the upcoming days  after of the October 31, 2015 last day of voters registration.

COMELEC,  also released a features on their website where the voters can check their status of their precinct by simply clicking this Precinct Finder.  Here the voters can check  The status of  voters information, registration details, voter ID printing details, instruction to voter, notice to voter and voter center location.

#ALDubEBforLOVE Reaches 25.6 M Tweets Breaking Their Previous Record Of 12.1 M Tweets

On Saturday, September 26. Eat Bulaga’s KalyeSerye’s Segment hit another milestone on social media. Where the Dabarkads, celebrate the National Pabebe wave and the second date of the AlDub Duo, Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza.

Filipino all over the world support the Pabebe wave, by sending in a fan page they support and posting their Pabebe wave photos on their own social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc.

While celebrating the Pabebe wave, fans awaits the much awaited second date of AlDub Duo, where Alden Richards allowed to visit Yaya Dub in Lola Nidoras Mansion.

The #ALDubEBforLOVE, the official tweet AlDubs second date, earn 25.6 M Tweets, breaking the previous record of 12.1 M tweets on the first date of Alden and Yaya Dub which just only happen Saturday last week.

Meanwhile counterpart noon show, ABS-CBN Showtime, celebrates their Anniversasry in Smart Areneta Coliseum in Quezon City. It features a star studded guest celebrities and Kapilya love teams. The event earn 6.33 M Tweets for #ShowtimeKapamilyaDay . the most tweet earn by the said show. Way to far from the phenomenal split screen love team “AlDubs” of GMA 7 Eat Bulaga.

The Rivalry between Eat Bulaga and Showtime are heating up, as both are giving their best to win the heart of the TV viewers and netizens. But as for now the phenomenal love team of Eat Bulagas “AlDub” has the upper hands.

“AlDub” is a split screen love team of Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub, the most famous and trending love team in the Philippines. It gain popularity in a segment Juanforall, Allforjuan called KalyeSerye. For more than two months since the love team start. The duo of AlDubs, continues to rise their popularity and expected to gain more.

No More Roxas, Poe Tandem In The 2016 National Election

Senate President Franklin Drillon, advise DILG Secretary and Presidential candidate Mar Roxas, to look for another candidate for Vice president that he could be tandem.

Waiting for the answer of senator Grace Poe, has already answered by showing her action by campaigning in some Provinces.

Its very clear that senator Grace Poe, will be running for Presidential bid this coming 2016 elections, Secretary Mar Roxas, should not wait no more and look for another candidate that he could be tandem this coming elections. Said by Senator Drillon.

Meanwhile, DILG Sec. Mar Roxas and Liberal Party (LP) Vice Chairman of  Caloocan City Rep. Edgar Erice, will be naming the runningmate of Mar Roxas, next week upon knowing the decision of Senator Grace Poe to run for President.

After the Ghost Month from August 14 to September 12 we are revealing Sec . Mar,  running mate,  that would replace Senator Poe, said by Erice.

House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr., also agreed LP to forget Senator Poe, and Mar should look for another partners  to built the Dream Team.

Belmonte, agreed to Drillon that there are many indication that Sen. Grace and with the tandem with Sen. Chiz is already a go for 2016 election.

According to the legislators, Mar, should look for his runningmate outside the LP party list but should look especially in the administration allies and  to strengthen the coalition .

As of now it is possible that Sec. Mar, is now looking for candidate for his running mate and one possible candidate for that is Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano to become VP.

Cayetano is a member of Nationalista Party ( NP ) among the partners of  the Aquino administration in carrying out the straight road over the last five years.

Also among the list that are selected to be a runningmate for VP of Sec. Mar Roxas are Batangas Governor, Vilma Santos and the Wife of former DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, lawyer Maria Robredo.
 source: Abante

#Aldubs Popularity Is Also Reaching Some Foreign Country In The World

Philippines – There are no doubt that the popularity of Eat Bulaga’s kalyeserye “Aldub” are now gaining popularity not just in the Philippines, but all over the world.

The Fever of “Aldubs”, is now reaching some foreign countries in the world, which they awaits the love story of Alden Richards and Yaya Dubs, which they express their feeling through dub.

Viewers from all ages are no exemption from watching the phenomenon popularity of “Aldubs” from younger children to older adults are not letting go to see on what will happen to the love story of “Aldubs”

In  the Philippines, televiewers has been an avid watcher of the tele serye and even some actor and actress and some famous personality has been an avid fans of “Alduds” fever.

Aside from Alden Richards “ The countrys national dimples” and Maine Mendoza aka “Yaya Dub”. Lola Nidora portray by Wally Bayola, plays an important role in the love life of “Aldubs” As she eagerly opposes the love life of the two.

In social media the #aldubs always gaining thousands of followers and tweets everyday, as the social media users never stop talking “Aldubs Fever”.

“Alduds” can be watch over “Eat Bulaga”the longest running noon time show over the Philippines. Wgere the Tv rating of the noontime show, increase dramatically beating some other counterpart noontime show, all of because of the phenomenal popularity of #aldubs.

Where and when #aldubs begin?

It all began in, where some social media user uploaded their dudsmash. Where one of them is Yaya Dub, “The Queen of dubsmash”, her popularity in dubsmash, brought her to Eat Bulaga, giving her chance to fulfill her dream of becoming a celebrity.
As of today, fans and televiewers of #aldubs, await on the love story of Alden Richard and Yaya Dub.

Andal Sr, One Of The Main Accused In The So Called Maguindanao Massacre Died Of Cancer

Former Maguindanao Gov. Andal Ampatuan Sr. was buried Saturday at their mansion in Shariff Aguak. The late governor is one of the main accused in the so called Maguindanao massacre.

The burial ceremonies of former governor ended at 2:45 pm. He died Friday night at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute in Quezon City.

Andal Sr. Is under coma for several days  due to complications caused by the disease to cancer.

On Saturday,  corps of Andal Sr., immediately lifts to Mindanao, to bury in Muslim tradition , the deceased must be buried within 24 hours after it dies.

The relatives and supporters of the Ampatuans, awaits from inside and outside of the mansion upon the arrival of the remains of Andal Sr.

In a radio interview , Atty . Salvador Panelo , lawyer of the Ampatuans , the court did not allow the remaining Ampatuan to leave the prison to attend the funeral of their father.t he other Ampatuans are also detained and accused for the same case in the 2009 Maguindanao massacre.

" No. Remains of Andal Sr. Brought to Bicutan to give them their respect for their father. They hug and kiss their father And then the remains of Andal Sr, brought to the airport, "said Paddayuman.

Among those detained in connection with cases of Andal Sr., are Andal Jr. and Zaldy Ampatuan.

The court allowed another son of Andal Sr., Sajid Islam Ampatuan, to be released temporarily due to bailed.

It is remembered that the Ampatuans, are the reason and main suspect of massive killingof Journalist who were killed. Which occurred on the morning of November 23, 2009, in the town of Ampatuan in Maguindanao province.

 But due to the discovery of the mass grave of all 58 person that were killed, the Ampatuans sealed their faith into Jail.
source: GMA

Do We See Dwane Wade To Wear Another NBA Uniform?

Dwane Wade, the 2006 Finals MVP and a 3 time NBA Champion, is in the verge on seperating ways with Miami Heat after the later wants to have a long term deal with Miami organization and hasn’t been reached any agreement.

The 33 years old Dwane Wade,  a 12 year pro and played his entire career in Miami Heat is now having an issue about his salary proposal  with Miami organization.

It is remembered that Wade,  who sacrifices his salary just to give space in bringing LeBron James and Chrish Bosh in Miami organization that give the team a four straight Finals Appearance and two NBA Championship.

Despite his loyalty in the organization, it seem’s that the franchise is thinking about the future and not to settle and give a maximum contract on the olding and injury front Dwane Wade.

As of now report said that Dwane Wade and the Miami Heat, will settle the issue next week to resolve contract issues and reach an agreement.

Wade have to decide until next Monday on whether he's going to opt in for  the next season and earn $16.1 million or part there ways to become an unrestricted free agent.

Many people believe that Wade, will stay in Miami Heat and finish his career as a Heat. But if the agreement fails, it seem’s that Wade, will be seen in another uniform?

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Lakers organization , is having interest to have Dwane Wade in the franchise. The lakers, has the capable of signing Wade to a maximum contract and to team up with the lakers superstar Kobe Bryant.

On the other hand, Dwane Wade fathers, seen on fathers day wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers t-shirt, that give speculation that Wade might team up again his former team mate in Miami LeBron James? But the cavaliers cannot give a maximum contract to Dwane wade due to salary cap and that might kill the issue that Wade might go to Cleveland?

Dwane Wade, is an All star player and an MVP caliber, but due to injury front and at his age, he will be having trouble of getting what he wants to get a maximum contract? But hopefully someone give him another chance? Even if it is Miami or lakers?

Senator Poe Joins Other Senator To Signed A Plunder Case Against Family Friends VP Binay

Senator Grace Poe confirmed Friday that she was among the senators who have signed a Blue Ribbon subcommittee report recommending charges of plunder Vice President Binay.

Besides Poe , there are three senators who signed the draft report made partial  by subcommittee that looked into the allegations of corruption of the vice president.

Meanwhile, Binay 's camp said that the vice president was sad on which senator Poe, favor the senators that  allegedly harassing the family of  Binay.

In a statement by Atty . Rico Quicho , Binay 's spokesman , who said that the vice president hopeful that  senator Poe, will read the documentation submitted which affidavit was ignoring by the subcommittee.

Vice President Binay was unhappy on senator Grace Poe decision on joining senators who persecuted him and his family , trying to bully innocent people , "said Quicho.

In such affidavit , Binay explained his position on why there is no basis for the allegations against him and his family.

The relationship between Poe and Binay originated in the 2004 presidential elections when Binay became campaign manager of the late Fernando Poe Jr., the father of  Sen. Poe.

On 2013 mid-term elections, United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), removed  Poe,Sens Francis Escudero and Loren Legarda as guest speaker when they did not attend the political rally at that time Binay is the leader of UNA.

Following the heated  politics for the upcoming 2016 presidential elections, where binay intends to run for president, and announced his intention to Poe to be his running mate.

However , Poe, recently declared that she sees herself not joining Binay, if  ever she decide to run for a higher position in 2016.

Based on the recent survey about the personality out for possible run for president in 2016, senator Poe appears to be strictly a great opponent to vice president Binay.
source: GMA

A House Theft In ILo-ILo, Take Some Drinking Pleasure First Before Leaving The House

In Iloilo City. Philippines - a woman was surprised when she learned that her house has entered by a thief and taken her flat screen television. but that was not the only thing that the thief has made, aside from stealing her flat screen tv, the thief also change some clothes and slippers that he seen inside the house and drink some cold drinks, after leaving the house.

The thief acts was caught in a video which shown some part of the footage on closed- circuit television cameras which also shows the time and the identity of the  thief  who entered in an  apartment in Iloilo City.

The man seen on video allegedly first tried to open the doors of two rooms on the first floor of the apartment.

But when he cannot opened it , the suspect climb to the second floor . After 30 minutes, the suspects shows and his clothes  and slipper are already change. aside from that he is carrying a flat screen tv and a  lamp shade.

According to Elsa Seguiban , the owner of the apartment , they didn't knew that their house were entered by a thief because of their deep sleep.

Tenant on the second floor was also not there. It also was the first time that this is happen to us.

The thief is hard to understand his move or motive, while inside the house the thief drink some ice cold drinks and change his clothes with the clothes and slipper of the apartment owner. While his clothes was leave behind inside the house.

With the help of CCTV footage , police immediately determined the identity of the suspects supposedly involved previously in the case of theft .

Suspect as of now is still at large and was not named by the police, but authorities are already pursuing the suspect to pay his responsibility of stealing things inside the apartment of  Elsa Seguiban.

A Group Of Parents Ask P-Noy And Supreme Court To Suspend K To 12 Program

A group of parents from the private and public schools submit petition citing the Supreme Court to stop the implementation of the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, which led to the program K - 12 program to add two years of high school education .

Rey Vargas , founding chairman of Parents for Children 's Education or ( PACE ) , said that they are questioning the the legality of  Republic Act 10533 in the Sipreme Court. Which does not go through the proper procedure  when  signed by President Benigno Aquino III.

Also the parents are never consulted about the implementation of such legislation .

The group also feared that this might caused many students  to stopped their study in the additional costs resulting from additional years of study .

" Maybe it may further increased dropouts students due to the extra cost of tuition , " said by Vargas , he also said that adding  extra two years to stay in school does not give guarantee that student will get better in their study.

"First and foremost , we all know that the Filipinos, are excellent even 10 years ago  the education system  in the country , compared to other countries 12 years , " he said . " There is no guarantee that if you have an extra 2 years , will be better student ."

Vargas believes,that K - 12 program,is not the solution for a high quality education in the Philippines.

" If the quality of education is the one that needs, it does  not guarantee the extra two years , " he insisted . "I hope that they focus in  improving the facilities , teacher training, many things can do , they can also increase the subjects or increase school hours . "

the government also deprives students of the right to immediately find a job when they lasted two more years at school .

Despite of this , Vargas called other parents  to speak and put the emotions of resistance in K to 12 program .

"I'm calling to President Aquino and the Supreme Court to suspend the K to 12 program because they were not ready for our public education system and poor  parents cannot afford  additional two years of their son in high school ,"
source: GMA

Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Requested To Be House Arrest Due To Health Problems

The camp of Former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Announced that they may appeal to the court that Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to grant there request that the later to be house arrested in her house due to its health conditions. which is still remains in hospital arrest at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City.

According to the Arroyo's lawyer, Atty. Larry Gadon, said that former president condition does not getting any better.

Arroyo’s weight continues to drop because of unable to eat well. a possible solution to help her improve her health of the former president is if she will be allowed to stay in her house in La Vista.

Arroyo has a problem with her spine Arroyo which she has been bothering for several years and is under hospital arrest since 2012 due to facing plunder case which is currently pending in court .

Arroyo accused of alleged corruption in the use of intelligence funds of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office worth P366 million from 2008 to 2010 .

Recently a lawsuit was filed against the government of the Philippines, with the  international human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin Clooney , wife of Hollywood star actor George Clooney which has filled the the lawsuit in the United Nations Commission on Human Rights due to the continued detention of Former President Gloria Arroyo.

The continued hospital arrest on Arroyo would be considered human rights violations of the former president because of the condition of her health.

She added that Arroyo might be a victims of political persecution because the court allowed the other co-accused of former president to bail.
source: GMA

AFP And BIFF Intensify Exchange Of Gunfire As 14 members Of The BIFF Were Killed

Allegedly the Armed Forces of the Philippines has finally trap the fleeing members of Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters so the only option they have  is to surrender or take there chance and fight in the government troops .

AFP camp announced that at least 14 members of the BIFF were killed in an all-out military offensive conducted in Maguindanao to hunt down terrorist Basit Usman , which is sheltered by the BIFF .

In a separate report , there are four members of the BIFF is captured.

n this regard , Major General Edmundo Pangilinan , commander of the 6th Infantry Division , also visited  the soldiers wounded in the offensive , including three needs surgery .

According to the report , large fundamentally different from the latest military conducted airstrikes against BIFF compared to the previous two airstrikes .

In earlier airstrike last week allegedly immediately stopped the shooting because members BIFF flee and escape this Friday the exchange of gunfire intensify on both sides after performing an airstike by the government soldiers .

And because the BIFF group are finally cornered , there were no longer made the armed groups not to fight with the soldiers to find a way to slip through military force .

The latest information reported that the 6th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army , 13 soldiers were wounded in the offensive , three of them need surgery because of sustained gunshot wounds and shrapnel .

Minor injuries were also acquired by other wounded soldiers which visited by General Pangilinan said Saturday morning .

Meanwhile , an estimated 80,000 people who allegedly displaced in Maguindanao and Cotabato result of ongoing military operations against the BIFF .

Data from the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council , said with the number of displaced are affected by "rido " or clan war in the town of Pagalungan on February 9 .

The affected civilian consists of 16,111 families or 80,555 people from 59 villages in the province of Cotabato and Maguindanao .
source: GMA

Dunsulan Falls Of Liyang, Pilar, Bataan

Dunsulan Falls is one of many other tourist attraction in Pilar, Bataan, aside from Mt. Samat. (The Bataan Shrine). The falls is located at the foot of Mt. Samat with coordinates of (14°36′52.7″N 120°29′33.8″E) northeast of the National Shrine in Brgy Liyang, in Pilar town.

 Dunsulan falls and the river is the main source of drainage on the crater side of Mount Samat. There are two ways to get there you can go through there by a zipline which is also a tourist attraction because it gives the wide view of the whole place of the town of Diwa and liyang Pilar, Bataan. Also the another way to get there is by walking through it.

The Falls, is very dangerous, especially for people not familiar with the place! You can swim in the river but don’t go through or jump on the falls because of some dangerous rock formation under the falls.

There are a lot of stone cottage in the area you can relax while eating and the ambiance of the place is so nature friendly, a lot of birds and trees.

 I used to be in this place where I was a kid, I was a residence of Diwa, Pilar, Bataan. So I know the place, family and friends of mind are used to get along and swim in Dunsulan Falls. My review in the Falls itself, is a bit Dangerous but also a nice place to visit after you visit Mt. Samat and get through Zipline.

Tinago Falls Of Iligan City

Tinago Falls is a waterfall located in Iligan City , Lanao del Norte on the southern Philippines island of Mindanao . This is the main attraction for the tourists of the city , the city is also known as " City with amazing Waterfall ".

 Tinago is from the word " tinago" , the falls are hidden deep within a  valley, it is estimated that up to FIVE HUNDRED ( 500 ) steps to walk down the road to reach the hidden falls.

 The waterfall is too high, and the frigid water rustling its stunning deep and quiet lake basin shape appearing as blue lagoon . Under a waterfall  there is little cave that can go in person to listen the trickle of water .

According to legend there is an influential and powerful sultan  who was AGOK and his wife.they are assigned by their village to become king and Queen but they became arrogant and selfish

leadership of their village. At when people conceive the queen , a fairy who pretended to be a beggar , asked for help to the queen but rather to help  the fairy rejected and condemned because of  that the fairy cursed the queen that  here their child would be ugly but the queen ignored and eventually drove the fairy who pretended to be a beagar.

                                                                                             source: youtube

And their son become ugly. the king' and Queen was sad and disappointed , they expected their children would be lovely as like the Queen. They hode their child in a cave to avoid embarrassment . Tin-ag was the  named of their child, which means " hidden face".

 And the child grew, and came out of the cave and she was amazed of what she see.she saw the fairy who cursed her parents she offered it to change her appearance in a memorable and luxurious beauty which she accepted and she became " Tinago Falls "

The First Economic Zone In The Philippines "The Bataan Economic Zone"

The Bataan Export Processing Zone, which also known as BEPZ, is a special economic zone located at the Province of Mariveles, Bataan,Philippines.

 It is the very first "free trade zone" in the country of Philippines. It is  established through the enactment of Republic Act No. 5490 by Congress of the Philippines during the regime of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

The economic zone is being managed by Bataan Export Processing Zone Authority created under the law that established the zone.

 BEPZ is located in a cove at the southern tip of the Bataan Peninsula. It is measure for about 172.3 kilometers from Manila via national road of the Bataan Provincial Highway and through North Luzon Expressway, Gapan-Olongapo Road and Roman Highway.

 It has a total land area of 153.9 km² representing 12% of the total land area of province of Bataan. The Agricultural resources of Mariveles, Bataan, include rice, mangoes, legumes, vegetables and coffee. It also has aquatic resources like round scads, grouper, mussel, and abalone; mineral deposits of granite and basalt and forest products like vines and bamboo.

 BEPZ, consist of diferrent company who made different product like shoes, bags, ford car, tennis ball, garments, packaging cartoon, lighter and others. Workers came from different region of the country, which mostly consist of Tagalog, kapampangan and ilokano.

 Every year from The Bataan Economic Zone or BEZ conduct  a trade fair during the month of November to December. The tennis balls used in the Wimbledon Grand Slam are made in the Bataan by the company of Dunlop Slazenger.

Know The Question That Touches The Heart Of Pope Francis

Manila, Philippines – After a 5 day’s visit by the Pope an emotional  mass was held at the Luneta,Manila. Which millions of people gathered in Luneta to see the Pope last mass, before the Pope bound to go back at the Vatican.

Plenty of activities was held during the mass and the most intriging events was the testimonies of two young kids who was given the chance to ask a question to Pope Francis.

During the said mass, two kids which is 14-year-old Jun Chura and 12-year-old Glyzelle Iris Palomar has given the chance to give testimony to Pope Francis.

These two kids where once a street children till they  were saved by the Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation. one of many organization that comforts street children in the Philippines.

Glyzelle Iris Palomar, One of the children abandoned by their parents and currently living in Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation. this young girl who read the testimony by asking a question to the Pope “Why does God allow things like these to happen? Because children are innocent, and why is it that only a few people help us?

 A question that makes all filipino watching on TV and especially the people at the Luneta that touches their heart. A question that maybe even a Pope will not know the answer?

In this world life sometimes is unfair, we are just to live with it or do something about it?

After the young girl, finish her testimony, she cried and touches the heart of the Pope.

The two kids came over to Pope Francis, and the two kids kiss and hug the Pope and the Pope hugged the children several times, while the crowd was awe-inspired.

Sad to say that because of poverty, irresponsible parents, children are forced to live in the street. Doing some things even is not good or against the law that they will do just to survive in life?

Maybe someday not just on the Philippines but in the world, maybe street children will be lessen or much better no more street children?

Government Reviewed Some List Of Prisoners To Be Grant Executive Clemency

Manila, Philippines -  the office of President Benigno Aquino III 's review the list of prisoners recommends by  the Department of Justice ( DOJ ) to grant executive clemency , according to a MalacaƱang official .

In a press briefing on Tuesday , presented by Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. , who submitted the list by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to the Palace of the recommended  prisoners to release.

" Currently the analyzation and recommendations  is being reviewed and when it is issued it is certainly will be announced to the public ," Coloma said.

It is not confirmed that the executive clemency of the prisoner will be granted before the Pope comes in the Philippines this coming Thursday.

Recently De Lima, announced executive priority list for presidential pardon the older prisoners with serious illnesses

It was after calling the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP ) President Aquino to release the sick , the elderly, and abandoned subsequent inmate also the theme of the visit of the Pope to the country , " Mercy and Compassion . "

The power of the presidency to release prisoners in accordance with the provisions of Article VII , Section 19 of the 1987 Constitution states: " Except in cases of impeachment , or as otherwise provided in this Constitution , the President may grant reprieves , commutations , and pardons , and remit fines and forfeitures , after conviction by final judgment. "

Also stated in Republic Act 4103 or indeterminate Sentence Law, the ' commutation of sentence ' means a reduction in the sentence of a prisoner .

Meanwhile , it also means the " conditional pardon " of saving an individual from the corresponding penalty provided by law for the offense , but it has some limitations and conditions .
source: GMA

Convict Attact A Child Inside NBP, Blamed To The lack Of Guard

Officials blamed the New Bilibid Prison guard  due to lack of security after an attack by a prisoner  to an  eight year old girl in a maximum security compound in Muntinlupa City . the victim was found inside the bathroom with collars and unconscious .

In a report on GMA News TV 's " News " on Saturday quoted NBP Superintendent Richard Schwarzkopf , which should be monitored by a jail guard in the prison 's 500 inmates.

But on the day the incident occurred , said that every jail guard must monitor more than 1,000 inmates and members of their families who went to jail for New Year of “ Bahala na Gang” group .

During special occasions , the visitor is also allowed in the maximum security compound to the dormitory of high-risk inmates.

The children of prisoners age 1 to 10 years old is also allowed to visits to the cell as long as their parents  will be watching them.

Its been a Long raw such rules exist but because of incident , the NBP to have a change the rules.

Schwarzkopf said that the report must also increase Guard which based on New Bilibid Prison .

According to the report , placed in isolation rooms within the NBP Maximum Security Compound suspect, that the suspect is a co-group of the father of the young victim .

Added to the report that scheduled on Monday which prosecute the prisoners .

the child was saw in the bathroom with collars and unconscious .

It emerged that in the medical examination of the child that the was abused .
source: GMA