LeBron James Has Zero Votes as League Best Player Today

NBA – After decades of dominance inside the basketball court the Los Angeles Lakers Superstar LeBron James gets a zero votes in an NBA Poll for the league Best Player today. Newly sign Los Angeles Clippers Kawhi Leonard with 2 – Finals MVP and 2 – NBA Rings gets the most votes in today’s league Best Player.

Milwaukee Bucks superstar and reigning league MVP Giannis Antentokounpo get the second most votes of the poll, while James Harden a former league MVP also of the Houston Rockets was in the 3rd of the voting poll.

As you might notice and for the first time Lakers star LeBron James has zero votes in the recent NBA Poll. Even the former Golden State Warriors and now Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant with 2-Time Finals MVP and 2 – NBA Title is not also in the list where many sports analyst think he is the next league Best Player right after LeBron James.

Why is that both LeBron James and Kevin Durant get zero votes in the recent NBA Poll for the league Best Player? Why? The answer is Injury. Both players suffered a major injury last season. James suffered a groin injury which led to a 17 – games absence on the court and it was his first major injury of his illustrious career.

Then many sports analysts and fans thinks it will be the start of the LeBron James decline in the league? Despite having the most accomplished careers. James has been the league Best Player for almost a decade holding multiple records with 4 – league MVP, 3 NBA Finals MVP and # NBA Champions.

Meanwhile, newly acquired Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant suffered a season ending Achilles injury during the 2019 NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors that leads to the Warriors loss ending 2 years of reign. Durant’s injury who is also expected to miss the entire next season is also snub in the list because of the injury he suffered.