Apollo 11 Mission Is A Fake!!! Tweet by Buzz Aldrin

It is being report that the Apollo eleven missions, that landed men for the 1st time on the moon, was in reality faux.
One of the astronauts on the Apollo eleven mission, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, confirmed that the Apollo eleven missions were “fake” which the the videos of the mission area unit merely showing a setup that was created to simulate however the moon and area would look.

“Apollo eleven wasn't real, none of it was” Buzz Aldrin aforementioned in an exceedingly video he recorded confessing to the Apollo eleven hoax, “I am ashamed to mention this however I cannot hide it any longer, it absolutely was a setup, just like the ones they use in Hollywood films, back within the 60’s, the U.S. was competitory with the country to attain area flight mastery, that was referred to as the “space race”. we were afraid the Soviets would beat America to the moon therefore we have a tendency to set to faux the moon landings of Apollo eleven to mention we were bigger than the Soviets” complete Buzz.

This explains NASA’s claim that that they had “accidently” recorded over solely the top quality recordings of the orginal moon landing tapes in 2006. however will a corporation as big as NASA be careless enough to accidently record over, perhaps, their most vital action to date? Buzz Aldrin conjointly set to confess concerning the Apollo eleven missions via Twitter, that was later deleted. it's believed the CIA demanded Twitter employees to deleted Buzz Aldrin’s tweet. See tweet below:
We are aghast to get the reality behind the Apollo eleven mission, that was America’s pride. Not abundant else is thought concerning however NASA stages the landings, apart from what Aldrin confessed.
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  1. I personally think this article is exaggerated and fake considering the fact that the "author" did not provide any LINKS relating to this so-called "tweet" ( I'm assuming from twitter). If you're so confident that he did in fact state it was all fake, where is that damn link. Why aren't others articles proving that it is fake. Not even a hint of screenshot pictures. Today I searched up "Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 and the first thing that came up a video set in Jul 18 th and 19th of Trump meeting the astronauts and Buzz himself telling the events of the first moon landing. Seems to me, he never claimed it as fake. You claim the CIA demanded to delete his tweets, but YOU saw it and have no proof of its existence. Yeah I call BS.