SSS Loan Payments and Balance Inquiry Online

Philippines - are you a member of Social Security System or SSS and currently have a SSS Salary Loan or planning to file a loan in the near future? If yes, maybe this article can help you with a simple tutorial on how to check payments of SSS Loan regularly.

You might be one of many SSS Members who are worried about their SSS Loans or SSS Salary Loan if their payments are credited every payment they're made? Don't you worry anymore, as long as you have internet connections and SSS Account Online you may always check your account to verify if your SSS payments have been credited every payment made.

Here is the Step by step Guide on how to Check payments of SSS Loan or SSS Salary Loan Online Regularly:

1. Create SSS Account, click here to Register.

2. If already have an account just log - in your Username and Password.

3.Upon successful log-in, hover your cursor in the Inquiry and then click Loan Info.

4. On the Loans Info page, you can view your Loan Application Details, Loan Information Details and then Click Salary Loan to view the Statement of Account.

5.On the Salary Loan Page, you can view the Statement of Account and the Credited Payments made. This is where you can check if your expected payments are credited on time?

6.You can also pay your SSS Loans in advance by clicking the Payment Reference Number (PRN) just hover your cursor at the PRN and click Loans.

7. On the RTPL PRN page, you can view your Active Loans and Generate PRN, you can also view the status of Paid PRN on this page.

That's it, this is how to check the SSS Payments for SSS Loan or SSS Salary Loan Regularly by visiting the SSS Website Online.


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