A Man Accidentally Dunk Himself During NBA Halftime Break

At the National Basketball Association or NBA during the Halftime break between the Phoenix Suns  against Charlotte Bobcats,  an entertainment show happen at halftime, while waiting for the game to resume at second half.

While the Basketball fans is waiting to resume the game a show which consist’s of several man, posting several dunking moves and acrobatic show but on the later part of the show a man, which known to be as Nick Corrales,

Nick, over jumps his trick and ends up dunking himself in the basketball ring, I don’t know if that’s one of their stunt or it just mistakenly dunk himself in the basketball hoops? But certainly make it viral in the social media and youtube.

source: Youtube

As you watch the video at 1:44 minute mark, that’s the time that Nick Corrales dunk himself, you can hear a voice that did you get that? It was a stunt, definitely maybe a unique stunt or tricks?  Whether it happen in purposed or not?


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