CAV’s Ends OKC Winning Streak

Cleveland Cavaliers host the visiting team Oklahoma Thunder in Quickens Loans Arena. The Thunder who won their last 6 games, is slowly showing their force in the western Conference having a 17-8 record, third best in the west.

While the cavaliers still holds the best record in eastern conference with 16-7 in solo first place.

The game summary was OKC, early grab the biggest lead of the game during the first half, establishing a double digit lead until the cav’s make a 16-0 run and ended the first half 46-47 OKC.

At the second half, the OKC starts the 3rd quarter strong by establishing a double digit lead but then again the cavaliers makes a rally just like the first half and ending the 3rd quarter score of 74-78 OKC.

In the 4th quarter, the cavaliers, continue their momentum leading by the 4 time MVP LeBron James and the monster rebounding and hustle play by Tristan Thompson, cavs establishing a double digit lead. OKC, makes a final run but came short as the cavaliers holds the game and ended the 6 straight wins of the thunder.

With the cavaliers wins, they are now having a four winning streak.

LeBron James, lead all scorer, putting 33 pts, 11 assist and 9 rebounds, 1 rebound shy for a another triple double. Cavs supporting cast gives 5 player in double digit, Kevin Love with 11 pts, JR Smith 11 pts, Matthew Delavedova with 11 pts, Richard Jefferson with 11 pts and Tristan Thompson with 14 pts. Cavaliers next assignment is Philadelphia 76ers

While the Thunder lead by Russel Westbrooke by 28 pts, Kevin Durrant with 25 pts and Serge Ibaka with 23 pts. The thunder next assignment is the Los Angeles Lakers at their home Chesapeake Arena.