Lakers Early Prediction After LeBron James Became a Laker

NBA – The Los Angeles Lakers won the biggest free agent NBA player this 2018 NBA Free Agency they sign 3 –time NBA Champion, 4 – time Regular Season MVP and arguably still the best player on the planet despite already in his 15th season. He simply defies father time and at age 33 he is aging like a fine wine. The new “LA King” LeBron James who sign with the Lakers agreeing a 4 – year max contract worth $154 Million that will bring back the glory days of the “Showtime Lakers”. 

LeBron is entering his third team in the league, His first team was his home team Cleveland Cavaliers where he plays his first 7 years, He joins Miami Heat in 2010 winning 2 –NBA Titles in four straight Finals appearances, He returns back to Cleveland and in 2016 he fulfill his promise of bringing an NBA Champion in the City. Now he is leaving again to join the Lakers after dominating the Eastern Conference for Eight consecutive years of NBA Finals appearance.

James, who is in his 16th season might end his streak in the NBA Finals? Especially where the Western Conference are pack of much better team compared to the East. The early prediction of some NBA analyst and critics is that the good news is the new Lakers team with LeBron James might end a 5 year drought of not making the playoffs?

The bad news is a possible early exit in the post season? Or if they possibly make it to the Western Conference Finals? Expert says Lakers had no chance of beating the defending back to back NBA Champion Golden State Warriors.

Unless if Kawhi Leonard happened to join the Lakers this season or the next season to join forces the #1 and #2 best players in the league LeBron and Kwahi. That if Kwahi Leonard is still interested in joining the Lakers which is similar to Paul George who eventually sign back with the Oklahoma City Thunder for a max contract who aggressively saying he will join the Lakers in his free agency. 

Lakers are also predicted to finish at 7th, 6th or even 5th in the West seeding comes Post Season? Possibly winning 50 plus games in the Regular Season and LeBron James could win his 5th MVP? 

How about you, what are your predictions with the new Lakers with LeBron James? By the way the Lakers will surely increase their ratings in TV now that the most watched NBA Players are with them.