What is like for the NBA Post Season without LeBron James?

NBA – The Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of missing their 6th consecutive post season in a very disappointing 2018 – 2019 NBA Season especially in the new era of LeBron James. Many Lakers fans, basketball fans and even LeBron James fans are expecting that LeBron will end the 5 year drought of the Lakers post season skid? 

But unfortunately the expectations and predictions did not happen. The Lakers are already done with the season just waiting to finish the remainder of the season with 12 games away.

Obviously it all started when LeBron James suffered a groin injury on Christmas day against the defending NBA Champion the Golden State Warriors. Since then James injury has led into his worst missed games of his NBA career with 17th consecutive games. The Lakers is at the 4th spot of the West after James injury, but slowly falls back of the standing.

When James returns from injury the Lakers continued their struggles and adding more problem is the trade rumors of all the Lakers young core in exchange of Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelican. The Lakers became a miserable team losing to the worst team in the West and the East that should they win easily?

And now with the chemistry is a complete disaster, the Lakers failed their predictions of making the playoffs. LeBron James is the same player as he used to be averaging his usual stats 27 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assist but obviously with the injury that just happen, it slow him down as seen a little bit decline in his athleticism and explosiveness on the court.

Lakers will have their chance next season and for LeBron it will be a great chance for him to get back strong to prove his doubter that he can carry the Lakers and returns once again in the post season? Let’s just wait and see…