Finally it’s done! Kyrie Irving is now a Celtics Player

NBA – After several days of confusion and rumors of possibly void the blockbuster trade between the Cavs former super star point guard and four time All-star Kyrie Irving in exchange of 5 former Celtic’s player that includes two time All-star Isaiah Thomas, defensive player Jae Crowder, rookie center Ante Zizic, 2018 Nets 1st round pick and the deal that sealed the trade the 2020 Celtic’s 2nd round pick.

The trade was almost void when the Cleveland Cavaliers begins to have a second thought of Isaiah Thomas condition of hip injury when the later failed to pass the physical examination with that the Cavaliers ask the Celtics to add another player due to uncertain condition of Thomas? At first the Celtics decline the request but later on give another future round picks that finally sealed the blockbuster trade.

Overall the Cleveland Cavaliers gets 5 players from the Boston Celtics, while the Celtics gets only 1 player from the Cavs but Kyrie Irving is the only legit NBA superstar and the best player among the players that involve in the trade, even though Isaiah Thomas has a great season last year and finished 5th in NBA MVP Regular Season, Irving is still the best player that’s why the Celtics gives up so many players for this trade to happen.

Now that the Boston Celtics finally gets the best player from the trade and Kyrie Irving finally gets his demand to be traded will Irving be the man in Boston? Will he lead the Celtics to the promise land that he couldn’t do when he is the man in Cleveland when LeBron James is still in Miami Heat? Let’s see about that this upcoming season if Kyrie Irving demands was legit or if he truly excel from the years that he and LeBron James brought Cleveland in 3 straight NBA Finals and 1 NBA Champion.

Good luck Kyrie in your new team hopefully you and James meet in the Eastern Conference Finals? Boston vs Cavaliers!