Lover's That Killed In Accident, Wanted Their Parents To Get Them Married

After they killed in an accident in Iloilo City a lover that almost a decade of  relationship , wanted their parents to be married even in their deaths.

On  a report by Jennifer Munieza of GMA Iloilo, said that both  parents of the deceased  lover Katkat Yara and  JR Nava, decided to get married the two, because they witness a true and pure love on the two lovers.

That’s why they felt so intense grief that the two lovers have never got the chance to get marriage then suddenly killed in  an accident last  November 18 in Mandurriao District , Iloilo City.

The pure romance of the two until life after death  slightly reduced to the pain they feel .

" Maybe they promised to each other that even in death they will still be together, " said Julio Nava 's father  of  JR .

Consequently , the parents decided to marry the  two lover even that they are already  gone .

But  the said marriage will not be able to happen.  According to a priest of the Catholic Church , people that are already dead are not allowed to be married.

Therefore, instead of marriage , the priest blessed the two lover in a ceremony. family, relatives and friends of the couple , are all present to witness the ceremony  just  like in a real wedding .

It becomes  viral when a picture of the ceremony uploaded  in the social media of one of the visitor on the said ceremony , and  touched the hearts of  netizens in the pure romance of  love.

Even though they never married when they are still alive. But there love becomes one in the afterlife.
source: GMA

Senator Santiago Said Changing Pork Barrel Name Into "Savings" Still A Pork Barrel

Senator Miriam Santiago, Criticized legislators and other government officials which depends the 2015 national budget. following the revelation that there are still hidden alleged pork barrel funds to the proposed national funds

Also Sen. Santiago question the "new" sense of the word "savings" which mentioned in the proposal .

Budget Sec. Florencio Abad  asserted that there is no pork barrel in the proposed budget , the Secretary also confirmed that they held consultations with lawmakers to define the selected project before enactment of the 2015 budget .

“These funds, no matter what the name, is still a pork barrel, as a result of they're national funds used for local projects elite by legislators, and that they are granted in lump sums,” said by the senator Santiago.

Senator Santiago asserted that the definition of “savings” by the palace is unconstitutional
Which allow the government to declare savings fund at any time.

The Chamber also asserted that they deleted the provision in the proposed budget , but according to senator Santiago, it still remains in the " second to the last line of Section 68 ( b ) in the version of the Senate finance .

Senator Santiago, is very intelligent woman, I admire her for bringing up this, what we call pork barrel or for what ever it my names in the near future? Government must eliminate this so called pork barrel, because some politician which is greedy for money, will use it only for there own welfare. This will never stop until someone like senator Santiago, will pursue this kind of  funds, which eventually goes to the pocket of a greedy politician.

It is sad to say that, it is being barely put attention into it? Because of some cases that appears, but much less important?  The government should put more attention on eliminating pork barrel, not on re-naming it?
source: GMA

3 Dead, 22 Injured On A Billiard Explosion

An Improvised Explosive Device(IED) explode in a billiard hall that cause 3 lives and 22 people has been injured on the said bombing incident.

Because of the strong explosion it causes a lot of damage in nearby property and causes lot of hole in the ceiling of the said billiard hall

On the report of GMA News TV's Balita Pilipinas Ngayon

 On initial report of the military police, the explosion came from (IED) which uses a cellphone to trigger the explosion.

They are now determining the cause of explosion? Who is responsible to the said bombing incident.

 There is a possibility that the bomber, is the same person or group that planted a bomb on the town of  Kabacan, which caused an explosion last week.

The explosive device that used is believe that it is simillar deviced  used in the billiard hall and Kabacan town.
References: GMA

New York City Suffered a 5-feet Blanket of Snow

The main affected region was the Buffalo county in New york state, several parts of that were coated during a dangerous 5-feet blanket of snow. several residents were cornered in their homes, whereas motorists were left stranded, and among hours, deaths were reported  across New york, New Hampshire and Michigan.

A 46-year-old man was found dead early Wed in his automotive, that was buried in snow during a ditch within the city of Alden, 40 kilometres east of Buffalo, AP reported .

The other deaths occurred on Tues, with 3 individuals dying from heart attacks supposedly whereas shovelling snow, whereas one person was stuck below a automotive that he was making an attempt to free from the snow.

''This is an historic event. once all is alleged and done, this storm can break all varieties of records,'' governor Andrew Cuomo was quoted saying by AP.

Schools within the region were shut and every one events were decision off, whereas flights were off.

However, the problem for residents is way from over as the area is probably going to get enough snow in 2 days to match the number it always sees during a year.

Authorities say that with a minimum of 3 feet of snow expected on thursday, they'll need to declare a federal disaster. A state of emergency and travel bans are already in result across Buffalo's Erie County, wherever six deaths were reported , according to afp.

Even across the country, residents are grappling with below chilling temperatures, one thing not expected until January. The temperatures are expected to stay low until the weekend.

"That is somewhat of an extreme event. From a forecast viewpoint, it'll be historic," Dave Zaff, a specialist from the USA's National Weather Service, told afp with relation to the storm.
References : ibtimes

New Funny Commercial Of Manny Pacquiao

A new commercial of Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao has been circulating in the internet world.

About  the overhearing  the conversation of two boxer who are practicing in the Gym.

Manny misunderstood the word he hear  "the thing the people wanted"

“But the two Boxer really are talking about are the foot locker week of greatnes”

The two Boxer decided not to tell of what are they really talking about, and let Manny Pacquiao, celebrated the wrong impression of what he heard.

When Manny Pacquiao heard them, and he mistakenly assume that its Floyd Mayweather is finally agree to fight him? And he shouted that “hes gonna fight me”and being overjoyed of what he hear.

The new funny commercial features at the long awaited possible match betweeen Manny Pacquiao and american boxer Floyd Mayweather.

References : youtube

A Woman From Negros Claimed That She See Virgin Mary in Her Dream

A woman is being visited by many sick people in a town in Negros Occidental because she can cure various diseases using oil to allegedly appear in his hand.

According to the report by Erwin Nicavera GMA - Bacolod on GMA News TV 's News Now Philippines on Tuesday . it is said that Rhea Gonhoran , just started healing this October after seing Virgin Mary in a dream.

 Gonhoran seemed to heal by the oil to come out of his hand and water from a well that had made him dig somewhat ask of Virgin Mary .

After touching the body of the sick with oil from his hand, she will ask the patient to drink the water from the well, and put the figure of the Virgin Mary in patients .


Lolita is one of them who is vomiting blood for almost a week and  Gonhoran 's healed her

Gonhoran  pointed that she did not charge a fee to her patients .

According to her, last November 2, the statue of the Virgin Mary shed a tear during her rosary along with some residents

However,the Catholic Church does not consideredd it a miracle on he alleged miracles tears of the Virgin Mary .

Statement by Father Felix Pasquin , chairman of the Diocesan Commission on Social Community , requires a thorough investigation into the alleged miracle .

"There is no evidence that the church received , that is not possible miracle, " said Fr. Pasquin .
References : GMA

Ernesto Mercado Alleged VP Binay of Owning Multiple Condominium Units

 Ernesto Mercado said on tuesday alleged before the Senate blue ribbon commission that presumptive presidential candidate, vice president Jejomar Binay, was given units in 60 to 70 % of condominium buildings within the town in exchange for quicker process of permits, tax relief and different privileges for the developers.

However, Mercado, the most whistle blower against Binay over the past many hearings, given alleged proof of Binay's possession of units in mere six condominium units. He conjointly named the previous Makati mayor's alleged dummies in owning the items of property.

Mercado said that once developers applied for building permits, they were told that the analysis of, for instance, a 45-storey condominium would take a minimum of 3 months because the engineer who would do it solely works from eight am to five pm.

“But if given an overtime fee, they work it quick. currently that developer wouldn't provide an overtime? which will provide a replacement on waiting three months , so there is now a deal in building permit, said by Mercado.

He said once the developers secured an occupancy allow for the assessment for realty tax to be paid, another deal would be struck.

"Of course the owner can haggle, saying maybe a year can be adjust in the occupancy permit . A year that taxes will be stolen again . Why not you give a condominium unit if you're saving to P40 million a year  in adjust on payment of taxes , "he said.

"a condo of 1 or 2 units with quantity to P30 million was humble to provide to him. that’s the explanation why vice president is secret throughout his tenure . perhaps not just about perhaps 60 percent , " Mercado added .

He said the Binays used dummies so as to cover their possession of the condominium units.

He said Binay features a 150-square meter unit within the Peak Condominium, that is known as beneath Engineer Ariel Olivar who was the surveyor of Hacienda Binay in Rosario, Batangas.

Mercado said Olivar executed a sworn affidavit, that was two-handed to him tuesday morning, stating that he wasn't the real owner of the unit.

“I am not the true and beneficial owner of the property. i'm not the buyer nor have in anytime exercise any act of possession over the property. My name was registered as owner to hide the identity of truth owner of the property. i do know truth owner of the property to be vice president Jejomar Binay,” Olivar same within the affidavit that was read by Mercado.

Olivar was not present throughout the hearing.
Mercado asked the NBI and also the investigator to visualize the unit as somebody was already leasing it.

 "It looks that someone is renting it today . Whom do you suppose is leasing it ? 101 percent Olivar said that he would not sign any lease contract,"he said.

Mercado said  Olivar wished to surface for concern that the Bureau of internal revenue would follow him for owning such a condominium unit.
References : GMA

Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental , Best Places to Retired as Senior

Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental is featured to the list of  the best places around the world that to retire as  a senior citizen .

In the report of GMA News TV 's News on Friday , said that Dumaguete City is belongs to the " 7 Best Places to Retire, Around the World ' it is stated in the articles of the prestigious American online business news magazine .

The list is based somewhat in 2014 retiree overseas all over the world.

Apart from cheap standard of living in Dumaguete city ,  the climate is also beautiful on the so called " City of Gentle People " and the storm does not typically pass in the city

The area also thrives in the beautiful landscape and numerous relaxing beach .

AlsoListed again in the Algarve in Portugal , the lowest raw quarters of retirees in Europe .

Also included George Town in Malaysia and Chiang Mai in Thailand .
References : GMA

It's Showtime! The Return of Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda has return on the noontime show 'It's showtime.'
The host-comedian came back on last Saturday once taking a brief leave from the said show, citing health problems. At the time, he stressed that this is often undue to any issues along with his co-workers or the organizations, contrary to rumors.

" I actually have been considerably miss you all , my brothers and sisters in 'It 's showtime ' like wise the audiences , " he said shortly once his opening production . Vice Ganda performed the pop hit " Bang Bang" --a joint single from Jessie J , ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

" Im  jealous whereas i am looking at you all. many thanks to all and that they extremely allowed me to rest for a moment, " he added .

For their part, his co-hosts welcome him back. Billy Crawford said:
"if one of us isn't hear in showtime , it appears to us we are in strain , strain like sort of a table . we don't stand properly .... It's definitely a pleasure to have you back here once more."

To that Vice Ganda replied : "You know what i was proven throughout my absence?  ' that It 's showtime , will live and continue without me . but i realized that i cannot live without the show " It's showtime . "

If times comes when i am not here in the show, maybe you will be sad but the show will live! I really do learned to appreciate the program, " he said.

However, the comedian explained that he will be out for a short leave on January to undergo an operation to remove a polyp in his throat. a polyp is a fluid -filled collection that forms when a vocal cord is not rested enough.

" I will undergo to bear a surgery in january . i'll gone for a moment once more, however its only for a moment I cannot last long. he said.
References : ABS ,Youtube

500 year's of Buried "Dozen's of Aztec Dog, Uncovered"

Archaeologists in Mexican capital have unleashed a rare discovery—the skeletons of twelve dogs all enigmatically buried along over five hundred years ago's, within the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan.

Dog burials are uncovered before at archeological digs, however this can be a primary such finding not related to a building or an individual's burial, according to a report revealed in Spanish last week by Mexico's National Institute of anthropology and History (INAH).

Dogs were vital symbolically in Aztec mythology. They were believed to serve their masters even when death, guiding the soul of the deceased through the various risky layers of the underworld to succeed in Mictlan, the place of the dead. Also, a god referred to as Xolotl—sometimes pictured with the pinnacle of a dog—had robust ties to the underworld.

Whether the Aztecs associated the buried dogs with such symbolism remains unknown. The researchers hope that the burial offers deeper insights into however dogs were regarded by the residents of the chief town of the Aztecs.

Pet burial ground

Working in an area measuring 6.5 sq. feet (two sq. meters), the archaeologists discovered the canine remains between four.2 feet (1.3 meters) and five.5 feet (1.7 meters) below this street level.
The skeletons were largely complete and well preserved, however their burial follows no explicit pattern that the archaeologists may recognize.

Whether the Aztecs are related to the buried dogs with mythological symbolism remains unknown.
The dogs were all of medium height, represent numerous ages at death, and maintained most of their teeth. They were most likely common dogs, not native Mexican breeds like the techichi (known for his or her short stature) or the xoloitzcuintli (which loses its bicuspid teeth in adulthood).

Nearby excavation sites yielded a mode of pottery referred to as Aztec III. These orange-clay vessels, decorated in black geometric styles.
References : National Geographic

Rosetta Mission 'A Place Within the History books'

Imagination became reality Wednesday once a mechanical space traveler referred to as the Philae probe plunked down on its target, a comet with a way less romantic name -- 67P -- some 310 million miles from Earth.

'A place within the history books'

"The Rosetta mission has made history in our world. not solely is it the primary to rendezvous with and orbit a comet, however it's currently additionally the primary to deliver a lander to a comet's surface," Jean-Jacques Dordain, ESA's director general, aforementioned in a piece of writing announce on the ESA web site.

Many folks, and not simply those who work for ESA, are excited concerning what reasonably data Philae can deliver.
"Rosetta is attempting to answer the terribly huge questions about the history of our solar system," "What were the conditions like and the way did it evolve? What role did comets play during this evolution? however do comets work?"

And fantasy author Alastair reynolds said: "This is fantasy created real in terms of the action of the mission itself, however Rosetta is additionally taking us a step nearer to respondent science fiction's grandest question of all: are we alone?"

Rosetta took aloof from Earth ten years past carrying Philae and traveled half-dozen.4 billion miles before inbound in early August at the comet.
The Philae lander separated from the orbiting Rosetta around 3:30 a.m. ET Wednesday and landed on the estraterrestrial body seven hours later.

engineer Laurence O'Rourke told CNN that the satellite Rosetta had to be within the right position to permit the lander craft, that had no thrusters, to "free fall" on the right flight therefore it landed on the estraterrestrial body.
The lander weighs concerning 220 pounds and is that the size of a domestic washer. The target comet is just 4 kilometers, or 2.5 miles, in diameter.
References : CNN

On Vaccine Issue! Other DOH Project will be Investigate

A group of health workers believe that  there is a possible of some one benefited on a  questionable purchase of the vaccine against pneumonia by the Department of Health. And they also want an  investigation on other programs of the said agency .

On an ABS-CBN report by Zen Hernandez . TV Patrol , 11 November 2014, Tuesday
Health secretaty Enrque Ona and assistant secretary Eric Tayag  is in the middle of contrevarsy on an issue on a questionable buying of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine 10 despite the recommended PCD 13, A vaccine that I using against Pneumonia.

But the Health Alliance for democracy  is believing that this is not a simple poor judgement or decision of choosing a vaccine?

The health alliance said that “ it’s the nature of corrupt system that,  if theres a money involved they will do anything  to get kickbacks?”.

It shows that the vaccine that DOH, choose is more expensive and it has a limited age that children can only take vaccine?

The group said, that there is a possible of some one benefited on the bidding? And that’s why that it should take some investigation on other DOH program?

And also a letter  from Commission on audit to DOH, said that there is an accounted audit of money in the bank  that is worth P201.313 million in 2012. But the said has not return in National Treasury. Aside from that there is also a P17.505 million worth of  supply of drugs that expired or even not used?

The group said “ we are calling for a much deeper investigation , not on just the Vaccine but on all the DOH project”.

The Private Hospital Association, believes that  there is a bigger problem on immunization program of our Country. There once before a measle outbreak in Metro Manila that  even though there is an availble vaccine in the Government.

PHAP said  that give Secretary Ona, a chance to explain his side, on the basis on buying a vaccine pneumococcal conjugate vaccine 10?
References : ABS

Funny Meme's of Senator Miriam Santiago

Various meme’s are circulating in social media , like funny pictures , video , text or idea that shared and posted by netizen's online.

Among the most popular memes that gives joy to the Thor Pinoy netizens memes , John Lloyd memes ,Pnoy memes , Kris Aquino memes ,Santibañez Lady memes , Beauty contests memes ,  Napoles memes , Nancy Binay memes and Princess Sarah memes.

But ahead of all, according to ' Ang Pinaka ' GMA News TV on November 9 , is the meme of Senator Miriam Defensor - Santiago .

Besides from being one of the bravest senators , Sen. Miriam is also known from her punchlines , quotes , and pick- up lines, such as " Leaders are not born but are made. You , in conclusion , you can make yourself a leader "

According to the TV host and FM DJ MR . Fu , Miriam became the symbol of  bravery in the Senate , so whenever there is an  issue, always expect to have another Sen. Miriam meme .

For that shes like a ' living meme machine' Sen. Miriam , said by Alwynn Javier , an award - winning writer . "In her speech at the university or in an interview with the media after the hearing , he was always there to make meme’s

Inspite of the popularity of Sen. Miriam memes, does it affect how people look at him and her colleagues in politics?

 Javier said , this affects the popularity of  Senator but cannot tell if pure pretty sure these effects .

"It could affect the popularity of  Miriam, but we can not say whether this will translate into votes or political support because there’s a  meme that can serve beyond the political career  of  Miriam as a character or public figure . "

"Sometimes witty or funny still even though a  serious discussions in the Senate but is she still seroius in her  political opponents ? You may dismiss it as a parody only?

However , irrefutable continued proliferation of Sen. Miriam memes, in conjunction with various other kind of memes , which make Filipinos happy even though  the country's future issues or  problems they face in their lives .
References : GMA

What if "Storm Surge's" Hit Metro Manila?

Last Saturday, November 8, 2014, we recalled the anniversary of devastating super typhoon “Yolanda” which hits Eastern visayas. Which believe that it killed more than 6,000 people?
Typhoon Yolando also brought “storm surge” is this the first time that happen in our country? Or in  Eastern Visayas?  Is there a possibility that it will happen also in Metro Manila?

On ABS-CBN , Kabayan Special Patrol (KSP) report. thousands of people were killed in an instant,which caused by super “ typhoon Yolanda” on November 8, 2013 which hits eastern leyte and Samar.

It is considered by many expert that the reason of great devastation is the rapid increase of water  from the sea and together with a very strong winds.
Mahar  Lagmay said, Executive director of project NOAH.  On year 1589, The Philippines, has  once experience a “Storm surge” and other succeding Typhoon. Like typhoon Dindo and frank . even Leyte and Samar  experienced it in 1897.

There is also a big possiblity that a Storm surge will hit a narrow coastal areas? And because of this storm surge. Project NOAH has built a storm surges back, which is pertaining into 30 provinces which has the possibility of hitting a storm surge, if such typhoon like super  typhoon yolanda occured? Which include provinces like Samar, Leyte, palawan, Ilo-ilo and it also includes metro Manila, which has a possible of hitting by a 4 meter storm surge?

It is recalled that on September 2011, a storm surge happen in Manila bay, caused by Typhoon Pedring. It also considered the numbers of population in each provinces based on the studies of Project NOAH .
References : ABS

P24 Million budget, Allocate for PNoy 's Trip to APEC and ASEAN Meeting

Philippine Government will consume an estimated  of P24 million for attending by President Benigno Aquino III, in the Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation Economic Leaders' Meeting and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit .

" ... According to Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. , the government will spend P24 million in attendance of the President of two important regional meeting of APEC in China, and ASEAN to Myanmar from 10th to 13th of November , " said Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr.

Among the governing body representing the country along with the President were Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario , Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo , Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima, Socio Economic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan , Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda , Assistant Secretary Susan Arnaiz, Presidential Management Staff Chief Julia Andrea Abad , and Presidential Protocol Chief Celia Anna Feria .

Together with Cabinet Secretary Jose Rene Almendras and Coloma circle representing the country of Myanmar for ASEAN Summit .

Expected yield

Aquino said in his speech before flying to China this Sunday , he will promote investment opportunities in the country.

Moreover , he also discussed various topics such as small business , good leadership , and being prepared for disasters.

" Individually we would persuade them to grow their investment in the construction or development of their business here with us , " he said .

The President said, " These are just some of the topics to discuss here the effective preparation and response to disasters , the development of our small , medium and micro enterprises, and the promotion of good governance . "

"As chair and host of APEC next year , we yield the willingness to serve as a launching pad to pull our economy towards the widespread and sustainable development . "

Issues for Peace and Order

Apart from the aforementioned , also proclaim Aquino 's position and intend to do the Philippines on the issue of peace and order in the region .

According to Aquino , " Let them also rolled out our thoughts on the challenges and issues we faced today with the necessary steps to maintain order in our region . "

Some of the topics to be discussed protection of foreign workers , the fight against human trafficking , climate change , and preparing against the spread of the Ebola virus .
References : GMA

New Study Said "Coconut Oil Slow Ageing"

The groundbreaking discovery is anticipated to assist youngsters affected with premature ageing and treat neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's disease and parkinson's disease.
"Our study suggests that a high-fat diet will put off aging processes. A diet high in fat additionally looks to put off the aging of the brain," lead researcher professor Vilhelm bohr from the center for Healthy Aging, University of copenhagen and also the National Institute of Health, said during a news press.

It's a system within the human cells that protects the dna and repairs the damages caused to that. The repair system becomes less economical as individuals become aged.
Previous studies have coupled similar damages within the dna to Alzheimers.
In the new study, researchers conducted experiments on mouse models and located a similarity between defects within the dna repair system and cockayne syndrome, a disorder that results in premature ageing throughout childhood.

They additionally found that a high-fat diet was extremely effective in suspending some symptoms related to ageing, as well as weight loss and hearing difficulties.
The ageing method accelerates once the cell repair mechanism fails to urge a non-stop offer of fats and consumption a diet high in fatty acids will give a positive result, the researchers, whereas explaining their study, said.

"In cells from youngsters with Cockayne syndrome, we've got antecedently incontestible that aging may be a results of the cell repair mechanism being perpetually active. It fare into the resources and causes the cell to age terribly quickly. we have a tendency to thus hope that a diet with a high content of oil or similar fats can have a helpful impact, as a result of the brain cells are given further fuel and so the strength to repair the injury," postdoc Morten Scheibye-Knudsen from the National Institute of Health, said.
References : ibtimes

Is it a Hoax? 6 Days Of Total Darknes In December

Is it a hoax or not?
Another news that circulating in social media that this coming December 16 – December 22, 2014, the world will experience 6 days of  total darkness? The said news in which first reported by according to the report the total darkness will happen due to the solar storms which causes space debree and dust which will spread in the outer space and it will be covering the sunlight of the sun from Earth.

The said report is confirmed by the National Atmospheric and Space Administration or NASA according to But NASA did not confirm about the upcoming event of total darknes?
Is total darkness in december possible? According to Astronomer Mario Raymundo, it is imposible that a total darkness would happen? Even if it is a Solar storm? He is explain that solar flare is a strong magnetic energy and radiation which blows by the sun and it is called Solar storm when the atmosphere of the Earth is being affected. And Raymundo said it is imposible to predict when the Solar storm can hit the Earth in this coming  December.because it can be only be known a few days after after a Solar storm happen.

total darkness can happen only in North pole, which accured during October to January for a period of 4 months which is normal on that place. 

Let's wait this coming December if it is a Hoax or Not? this is nothing new, every year end there is a news about this or end of the world?
Reference: Youtube

Forensic Studies, How Insect Can Solve Crime

A body plays host to an entire scheme of insects that facilitate to decompose the body and come it to nature. By knowing the life cycles of those insects—from flies to maggots to beetles—forensic entomologists will facilitate in crime scene investigations. and that they will get a primary check out the decomposition method by visiting a body farm like this one in texas.

Maggots, that are literally the larvae of flies,has helped doctors clean wounds on and off the battlefield since Napoleon's time. Now, they are additionally serving to to catch criminals. forensic entomology—the study of however insects act with dead bodies—can facilitate enforcement and lawyers in criminal investigations, and maggots are an enormous a part of that.
The presence of flies or maggots on a body will provide researchers a way of once an individual or animal died, and whether or not the body was captive from one location to a different, aforesaid Jeff Tomberlin, a forensic zoologist at texas University. many insect species are often concerned in breaking down a body, however flies and beetles are the "major players," he said.
The studies of flies and maggots in his laboratory to work out simply what factors influence once the insects colonize human or animal remains.

source: youtube

"Time of establishment will vary from one moldering body to successive," a much better understanding of establishment times would "allow forensic entomologists to higher predict the particular time of death of the person in question."
Not a lot of is thought regarding what attracts insects to a moldering body. Researchers suspect that the odors released by the microbes as they break down a body in a significant factor that attraction, Tomberlin aforesaid.

He is fast to indicate that though the subject of dead bodies are often gruesome, death and decomposition are natural processes that "play a very important role in however an scheme operates.
"Nutrients are wont to produce a living animal, and once it dies the nutrients are came to the setting," Tomberlin aforesaid. "Understanding that method is incredibly vital because it will apply to forensic science and human health."
References : National geographic

The Navy Who Killed Bin Laden Does Not Care if People Believe Him

The former Navy seal Robert o'neill who says he fired and shot that killed Osama bin laden says he does not care if people believe him.
"The most significant factor that I've learned within the last 2 years is to me it does not matter any longer if i'm 'The Shooter.'

The killing of terrorist can go down in history, o'neill said. "But i do not care if i am 'The Shooter,' and there are people who suppose i am not. thus no matter."

The audio interview follows an interview printed in the week within the Washington Post, during which o'neill publically known himself because the SEAL who killed the leader of al qaeda in 2011.
The 38-year-old o'neill had previously discovered details of the mission to Esquire magazine. however he was hesitant to connect his name to the account till his identity was joined to the story on a military journal earlier in the week while not his consent.

O'Neill, who had been serving as a SEAL for fifteen years at the time of the terrorist raid, had participated in different missions, however he said he feared this mission would be his most troublesome.
he said the members of SEAL Team Six talked regarding the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. He and different team members believed they might not come alive from the mission to induce terrorist.

"Well, you have got to go pump yourself up to go die. thus we'd observe this," o'neill said.
"...(It was a) cluster of men who knew time on Earth was up, thus you may be honest with one another. and that we all accepted and no-one was afraid. it had been extremely cool."
He also said once he known himself because the shooter to the families of 9/11 victims, they thanked him for closure.
"He died afraid, and he knew we have a tendency to were there to kill him. and that is closure," he same within the audio interview.
References : CNN

Take A Glance On The Oldest Picture Of Mankind

This image is taken in France, in 1838, an very old black-and-white scene of an oddly deserted town, smudgy in places by some primitive photographic method, is believed to be the earliest renowned photograph that includes an individual.

The image has been denote on-line before, however it gained a better profile when news web site Mashable printed a whole version on wednesday in partnership with Retronaut, a web site that archives photos from the past.

It was taken by Joe Louis, a French photographer known for pioneering the daguerreotype, an early form of photo making on a silver plate or a silver-covered copper plate.

the exposure time for the image was around seven minutes. the road seems deserted as a result of whereas the 2 human figures were comparatively still, different pedestrians and horse-drawn carriages were moving too quick to register on the plate.

The image shows the boulevard du Temple, a then-fashionable space of retailers, cafés and theaters.
The two folks on the walk are the foremost recognizable human figures within the photo, though Uren points out that an in depth examination reveals different attainable folks on a bench and in an exceedingly window of the building within the foreground.

The image isn't near being the earliest renowned extant photograph, though. That distinction belongs to a photograph by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, one amongst Daguerre's partners, who used a crude camera to capture the read from a window at his French estate in 1826 or 1827.

Today, once nearly everybody has a phone camera in their pocket and quite 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily, Daguerre's milestone looks quaint. In 2014, he might need simply snapped a selfie.
References : CNN

Apollo 11 Mission Is A Fake!!! Tweet by Buzz Aldrin

It is being report that the Apollo eleven missions, that landed men for the 1st time on the moon, was in reality faux.
One of the astronauts on the Apollo eleven mission, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, confirmed that the Apollo eleven missions were “fake” which the the videos of the mission area unit merely showing a setup that was created to simulate however the moon and area would look.

“Apollo eleven wasn't real, none of it was” Buzz Aldrin aforementioned in an exceedingly video he recorded confessing to the Apollo eleven hoax, “I am ashamed to mention this however I cannot hide it any longer, it absolutely was a setup, just like the ones they use in Hollywood films, back within the 60’s, the U.S. was competitory with the country to attain area flight mastery, that was referred to as the “space race”. we were afraid the Soviets would beat America to the moon therefore we have a tendency to set to faux the moon landings of Apollo eleven to mention we were bigger than the Soviets” complete Buzz.

This explains NASA’s claim that that they had “accidently” recorded over solely the top quality recordings of the orginal moon landing tapes in 2006. however will a corporation as big as NASA be careless enough to accidently record over, perhaps, their most vital action to date? Buzz Aldrin conjointly set to confess concerning the Apollo eleven missions via Twitter, that was later deleted. it's believed the CIA demanded Twitter employees to deleted Buzz Aldrin’s tweet. See tweet below:
We are aghast to get the reality behind the Apollo eleven mission, that was America’s pride. Not abundant else is thought concerning however NASA stages the landings, apart from what Aldrin confessed.
References: Huzlers

A Man Surf On A Dead Whale Which Surrounds By Sharks

An Australian man who "surfed" a floating whale dead body enclosed by sharks has admitted that he was an "idiot" to try the bold feat.
Harrison Williams, 26, was on a boat excursion with friends off the coast of Australian state over the weekend after they chase on the dead whale.

He launched himself into the water and one of my mates thought it would be pretty funny if I surfed the whale, thus I simply did it," Williams told CNN affiliate Seven Network.

But his friends'  quickly turned after they noticed  all the sharks swimming round the whale, banqueting on its flesh.

" there is sharks! come back!" screams one of  his friends in a video of the outlandish scene.

Williams aforementioned he'd seen the sharks, together with the great white, before he jumped in. however that did not place him off taking the leap.

The Department of Fisheries aforementioned his behavior was risky and loose, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation according.

And Williams' parents were none too happy.

He aforementioned he currently agrees with their assessment and is "pretty grateful to still be alive."

Authorities say that as a result of the whale was dead and Williams did not take away any a part of it, he will not be penalised for his actions, Seven Network according.

The dead body has since washed abreast of a beach at Scarborough, a suburban area of town of state capital, apparently drawing sharks with it.

Authorities aforementioned that they had closed that beach and 2 others close, with sharks quick-sighted within the neck of the woods.
Williams, meanwhile, says he will not be making an attempt any similar stunts once more.
"I've done it," he said. "Don't got to sleep with once more."
References : CNN

Ghost Bride Captured In A Hospital

Mr Leadbetter had gone to go to his granddaddy at the hospital in chester, that is on the location of the previous County Lunatic Asylum, which built in 1829.
The pensionary had been told his bladder cancer and kidney problem was terminal.
Mr Leadbetter arrived to seek out the native vicar at his grandfather's side, praying for his recovery, and set to require the 'last' image on his mobile.

But it absolutely was not till he got home after a week later and examined it that he saw a spectre-like figure of a lady, wearing a veil, lurking within the back of the image.
The 20-year-old said: 'When I saw it the hairs simply stood at me. i almost therefore freaked out. I saw the image late at midnight therefore I went and woke the remainder of my family up at once.
'Everyone within the family was aghast. They could not believe it.

'My grandpa continues to be alive currently and has really been free from hospital, despite what the doctors aforementioned.
'He finds the image quite comforting. He thinks that somebody is wanting over him.'
When he asked the manager of Ward forty four, wherever his granddaddy was a patient, regarding the image she said: 'Oh, her. various patients see her at the tip of their beds'.
The manager, unprompted, then went on to explain the 'long haired blonde woman in a very white gown'.
He added: 'I took the image the day before I went on vacation as a result of we were told to expect the worst.

'I did not notice something till a few week past once I required to go through my phone and delete some images.
'The strange factor is there's nothing between my grandpa, who is sat on the corner of the bed, and therefore the girls within the image - no glass, or windows or something.

'A few individuals urged it sounded like a reflection in a mirror? however there's virtually nothing for it to reflect off. '
Mr Leadbetter added: 'My grandmother told the ward manager she required to talk to him regarding one thing and therefore the second she aforementioned she had an image of a ghost he delineated  it utterly.

'He says it's not the primary time the ghost had been seen. One patient was screaming within the night as a result of it absolutely was at the tip of her bed.'
Mr large said: 'The image is of my guardian spirit. i have been therein hospital, on a similar ward such a big amount of times.

'The vicar continuously comes in and says prayers then goes and that i continuously feel far better. whenever I desire there's a presence within the space.

'I've simply got a sense that whoever it's, is looking at over me. this is often the first time I've really seen her however I've had the sensation she's been there a short while.
'It's the strangest factor. i am unable to make a case for it. i will be lying there feeling terribly sick. Then i am going to get the sensation of the presence. Then i am going to suddenly feel far better and that i will stay awaken.

'The face appearance terribly acquainted to me, however i do not assume it's anyone i do know. i feel I simply recognise the presence.
'Gosh, however he caught it on camera i do not know. i am unable to know it. It's wonderful.
'She'll still watch over me - i am certain of it.'

Mr Large's better half Shelia, said: 'The image is that the speak of the city. Bob is telling everybody.
'After that image was taken he slept for the total night. the simplest he has slept in a very long-standing. He thinks it absolutely was thanks to the angel.
'He's telling all the nurses and doctors who come back to go to him that somebody is looking for him.'
References : dailymail

Pres. Aquino To VP Binay Provide Solutions or Just Leave the Cabinet

After providing some criticism by the Vice President Jejomar Binay against the current administration , On Monday he was given an options by President Benigno Aquino III to provide solutions or just leave the Cabinet .

"If  he thinks there is insufficient, he is a member of the Cabinet , then he should notify us, " Aquino said  in an interview in Calamba City in Laguna .

"If he thinks , we are in the wrong direction , he is free not come to our movement , " he added .

Binay who is facing left and right charges of alleged corruption and the accumulation of illegal wealth . Again and again denied by the Vice President, the allegations against him . He said all started ridicule when he declared running for election in 2016 .

Binay is now leading the survey for presidential candidate.

The Vice President also faces an investigation by the Senate related to alleged " overpricing " of Parking Building Makati II and its alleged ownership of a 350 - hectare property in Batangas .

In a statement last month , Binay said that  the Aquino administration  is still not doing the right things after a four years of term. Binay 's example is the problems such as port congestion , the projected power crisis in 2015, and the alleged rise of criminality in the country .

But Aquino said : "If he have some  solutions perhaps i can  hardly heard at  it in meetings of the Cabinet .Of course the question why he did not share it ? "

However , the President also mentioned the achievements of Binay as chairman of housing programs .

Last month , Binay also commented on  Justice Secretary Leila de Lima , who was also a member of the Cabinet of the President.

According to the Vice President , it seems  that De Lima prioritize the investigation into the alleged " overpricing " of  Makati City Hall Building rather  than the case of government officials benefited from the Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP .

Binay is close to the Aquino family , but the actions of the President, demonstrates that this can be changed?

Also last month, Aquino admitted that he did not consent to Binay 's request to talk to the senator who leads the Senate hearing . Aquino also denied he said that he tried to give to help the last of the controversies to it.

Binay Continued saying that hes camp remains a friend and ally of the President.
References: GMA

Instagram Posts Of VP Binay Son, that says:" Our Place in Batangas "

Vice President Jejomar Binay said Friday that the post on Instagram of her youngest son is not proof that ownership of family land in Rosario , Batangas , contrary to the beliefs of those who criticize him .

That land was rented by Agrifortuna, there is a portion on that  place that you can take a picture, there is nothing bad about that? Oh , what? , is taking a  picture - picture evidence that we are the owners of the land, " according to the Vice President in a radio interview

 Im sad that my youngest son is being draged in this issue againts me, Binay said.
What makes me really sad is that they accused me of illegal doings and now they involved my youngest son!  God will take care of them?

On a hearing on the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee Thursday 's issue of alleged overpreiced Makati City Hall Building II , Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano showed, the photos posted by Joanna Marie Bianca Binay on his Instagram account .

Shown in the photographs that Joanna was there over the controversial property in Batangas - there's a picture that she pose one of the statue theres a ride in a Segway , swimming in the pool , while some also include family members that are partying.

There is another post of Joanna that shows her father ( the Vice President ) singing in a videoke session . In the caption , that says: " our place in Batangas " and " family dinner at Batangas . "

Meanwhile , the Vice President denounced the blue ribbon subcommittee and Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano in detention with Navotas Rep . Toby Tiangco and lawyer JV Bautista to enter the session hall of the Senate and speak at the hearing on Thursday .

Rep. Toby Tiangco is dismissed and I picked out of the room .' that’s the brand of the Cayetano. Thought you guys know who, "said the Vice President .

Cayetano said that obviously planned by Tiangco and Bautista to harass the subcommittee hearing .

" We know their intentions ,to lose focus on the issue so we will not take it , we think they 've learned their lesson , " said Cayetano.

Also Cayetano,said that the subcommittee only allowed to enter is the spokesperson of the Vice President who has a  permit to the committee to speak for him .
References: GMA

Even in There Death, Still A Superstars

During All Saint’s day and All souls day, every Filipino’s has the habit or tradition of visiting their departed loved ones or their relatives and together with it they also visit their idol in showbiz and politics which is also departed.

At the Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque City, still plentiful Filipinos visited the tomb of former Senator Benigno ' Ninoy ' Aquino Jr. and former President Corazon Aquino .

Benigno S. Aquino III, the " icons of democracy " not only Philippine but  throughout world . which happen to be the parents of current President Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino.

Besides to the  Aquino couples , many Filipinos do visit also on the grave of  late actor Rico Yan and Paquito Diaz .
They also visited the tomb of  Weng Weng ,real name Ernesto dela Cruz a famous actor  who portray the character movie Agent 00 the late actor lies his tomb at  Pasay cemetery.

In Manila North Cemetery, you can visit the  tomb of  the ' Da King Fernando Poe Jr.  FPJ who was a famous action star, considered as the king of filipino movie, but suddently dies due to politics that he loss on presidential race,
and also you can visit the mausoleum of  Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, where his father lie, Director Butch Bautista.

Also in the Tomb of the Heroe’s cemetery , some young people also gave tribute to Boy Scouts as well as over 23,000 soldiers who served and defended the country . The Heritage Memorial Park in Taguig City lie’s the grave of  the King of  Comedy Dolphy,  many people and fan’s also visited the tomb of  Dolphy.

Filipino tradition will never dies, even in their death of their love one’s their will be remembered forever!!!