A Homeless Man With A Heart Of Gold

A Viral Video which features a Homeless man tested by Johs Paler on how he would spend the $100 money that given to him?

Josh, who find a homeless man in a street, gave a $100 for no reason. The homeless man cant believed that he is given $100 for nothing.

After Josh, Given the money. He followed and secretly watched on how the homeless man will spend the money he gave?

Homeless man, go through a liquor store, that at first Josh thought the guy will buy a liquor?afterwards the guy make an exit to the store carrying a massive bag, continue his walk until he gets through some park with some other homeless people.

The homeless man, get something inside his massive bag of foods and gave some foods to his fellow homeless people. The $100 that given to him by Josh was spend to buy some foods, just only to share to his fellow Homeless people.

After Josh watch the guy has done on the $100 he give, he suddenly appeared and talks to the guy and make an apology because of he secretly followed him, and tested on how he will spend the money?

And Josh give him another $100.

This heartwarming video, is an undercover experiment to sought the answer to the question of what will happen once you given a homeless person a money?

This viral video turn to be a very touching moment that proven that even a homeless man has a pure heart of giving something in need even he needed it most?

Sometimes people judge them by their looks but what inside is makes them a better person. A very touching clips that’s make me think that he might as well a better person than me!!!
source: youtube

LeBron James Return To Miami At Christmas Day

Two days to go and The most anticipated return of LeBron James, to Miami Heat will finally happen.
Miami Heat will host LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers this coming Christmas day, December 25, 2014 at  Miami in American Airlines Arena.

LeBron, a four time season MVP and a two NBA Champion’s , who help the franchise of Miami Heat, in four straight finals appearance having won 2 Championships.

James, opt his contract to Miami heat last July 1, 2014 to exercise his free agent. On July 11, he write an essay to Sports Illustrated to announce of his decision of coming home to Cleveland, Ohio.

On that decision one team celebrates, the other felt abondoned, Cleveland celebrates the coming home of Lebron, but Miami felt abandoned,former  team mate Chrish Bosh and LeBron James, reported that they are not speaking to each other since the return of James to Cleveland.

Dwane Wade and LeBron James, remain best friend outside the court, after James, leaving Miami.
This coming Christmas day, December 25, Heat and Cavaliers will finally meet on their first match in this NBA season.

Dwane Wade, said in an interview that he hope that Miami Heat fan’s give some love or respect to LeBron, who carried them into Four straight finals appearance, winning Two NBA Champions.

“It’s going to be a mix  reaction from the fan’s, I think he should be received is a little different reaction? LeBron helped us to places were the organization has only been once before he got here at Miami. So I think he should be received very well for that at the start of the game. And then when the game comes on, then do what you’ve got to do as fans. Wade said.

 the guy is a  gifted basketball player and everyone is a fan of the game of Basketball.
 I hope our Miami Heat fans are just appreciative of what LeBron James  brought to this Miami Heat Franchise in four years.”

Dallas Mavericks Acquired The Best Point Guard "Rajon Rondo"

The four time All star Rajon Rondo was finally traded to the Dallas Mavericks.
Rajon Rondo together with center Dwight Powell  acquired by the Dallas Mavericks from the Boston Celtics .
Boston Celtics acquired center Brandan Wright, forward Jae Crowder, guard Jameer Nelson, a 2015 first round pick and a 2016 second round pick from Dallas.

The 6’1” point guard Rajon Rondo, who spent his entire eight years as a Boston Celtics, who has  been a 4-time NBA All Star in (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013), 4-time  All-NBA Defensive Team four times in (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), an All-NBA Third Team in 2012, Two finals appearance and a member of  2008 Boston Celtics NBA Championship

Rondo, who was 21st pick in the the 2006 NBA Draft, from The Louisville, Ky.

Rondo leads the NBA in terms of assist with 10.8 asst. Per game, who holds the record  both 2011-12 with 11.7 assists per game and 2012-13 with 11.1 assists per game.

He also holds the Boston Celtics' franchise assists records including a single-season total with 794 assists in 2009-10, assists per game with 11.7 apg in 2011-12 and assists in an NBA Playoff game with 20 in 2011.

On the other hand  Dwight Powell a 6’11” center from Toronto Canada is a rookie center who only played 5 games this current season, averaging 1.8 pts., 0.2 reb. And 1.8 minutes per game.

Dwight Powell, originally drafted by the Charlotte Hornets with 45th overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.
Charlotte Hornets traded him to Cleveland before being acquired by the Celtics in a late-September trade that landed him in Boston Celtics

Powell was once named All-Pac-12 First Team while averaging 14.0 pts. and 6.9 reb. per game. He was also named as Pac-12 Scholar Athlete of the Year.
source: nba, youtube

Trailer Of "TRAGIC THEATER" Ban From Showing On TV and Theater

The upcoming horror movies “Tragic Theater”, which will be shown on January 2015, has been slapped by the MTRCB as “rated x” due to, the said movie is “too scary”.

The said movie trailer has been banned from being shown on TV and Theater
Tikoy Aguiluz, the Veteran director of the said movies, must be scratching his head after the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) declared that his horror movie’s trailer is unfit for public viewing twice.

The MTRCB review  has not yet to publish its ruling on the “Tragic Theater”movie  trailer, but the director cited “too scary” as MTRCB’s decision on the film’s teaser trailer.

"I cannot believe that they gave an X rating twice to a trailer for a horror film. Too scary was the decision on the said movie. I don’t see anything wrong with my version of the trailer.this is a  Horror film that’s why it is scary” which he posted on Facebook.

The movie “Tragic theater” cast starred by Andi Eigenmann, John Estrada and Christopher De Leon which is based on  the novel about a group of spirit communicator's who attempted to exorcise ghosts from which the ill-fated Manila Film Center in 1999.

The said Theater which based on real life even of More than a hundred workers were feared buried alive when a portion of the said venue collapsed while it was being built in 1981, due to rushing to finished the project of the said theater, which happen during the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ regime.

Producer of Viva Fils, said in a statement sent in Yahoo Philippines, they respects the decision of the regulatory agency’s evaluation and is conforming to its guidelines.

"We are now re-editing the material to conform to the review board's guidelines with the goal of showing a version of the trailer on TV.”
source: yahoo, youtube

Selfie Picture Of A Man,Used illegally To Endorse Products On Social Media

Four images of a man who took his picture’s illegaly in his social media account which the said picture has been using by a network company, who used it to advertise on their online promo. Which is reported by GMA news “24 oras”.

Mach Cadavos, the owner of the said picture, reported the said inccident to “Imbestigator” after knowing that Aim Global Network has been using his own selfie picture as to promote their anti-acne  product soap.

Cadavos, said that they are using my picture’s and posted it in social media like Facebook but dthey did not ask any permission to me, they will really recognize that I am the one who is in the picture, and you will really the before and after in the said picture.

 Cadavos, post his picture in the social networking site just to show his problem about in his acne or pimples which he patiently treat the said problem.

In addition to the using of his picture without permission , he felt bad, which the networking company post some of his picture in the social media which give wrong information about the product he is using.

 The soap that I am using is not the product of Aim Global, they are cheating the consumers, he said.

Based on Cybercrime Division ng National Bureau of Investigation, it is clear that there is a violation to RA 10175 o Anti-Cybercrime Law.

The Company, has a civil liability on the said picture which they used for their advertising purposes.which the owner of the picture does not give any permission.

 Also, The company violates the RA 7394 o The Consumer Act of the Philippines. at the same time, estafa and swindling. If you promote a product which you gine a wrong information that will constitute deceit.

Cadavos, file a computer-related forgery  against the networking company under the Anti-Cybercrime Law.

 Meanwhile, Aim Global Network,

Meanwhile , AIM Global Network, denied the involvement in this incident . Companies insist they have no relation to the Facebook account that illegal take and use photographs of the victim as an advantage to their endorse products. The company has no participation whatsoever in the creation and administration of the said account.
source: GMA

A Man Accidentally Dunk Himself During NBA Halftime Break

At the National Basketball Association or NBA during the Halftime break between the Phoenix Suns  against Charlotte Bobcats,  an entertainment show happen at halftime, while waiting for the game to resume at second half.

While the Basketball fans is waiting to resume the game a show which consist’s of several man, posting several dunking moves and acrobatic show but on the later part of the show a man, which known to be as Nick Corrales,

Nick, over jumps his trick and ends up dunking himself in the basketball ring, I don’t know if that’s one of their stunt or it just mistakenly dunk himself in the basketball hoops? But certainly make it viral in the social media and youtube.

source: Youtube

As you watch the video at 1:44 minute mark, that’s the time that Nick Corrales dunk himself, you can hear a voice that did you get that? It was a stunt, definitely maybe a unique stunt or tricks?  Whether it happen in purposed or not?

Tropical Depression "RUBY" Weaken's As It Head's Toward West Philippine Sea

Tropical Depression “RUBY” UPDATES:  at 11:00 am

 TD “RUBY” has further weaken as it heads toward the West Philippine sea. “RUBY”  was sited and estimated based on all available data at 135 km West Northwest of Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro (13.8°N, 120.0°E). with a Maximum  winds of 45 kph near the center and was moving West at 13 kph.

TD”RUBY” will be expected to exit the Philippine Area of Responsibility or PAR at Thursday morning.

TD "RUBY" and the Northeast Monsoon will cause rough to very rough sea conditions over the seaboards of Luzon. Fisherman’s and those using small sea craft are advised not to sailed against big waves over the said seaboards.

All storm warning signal’s are now been lifted

Metro Manila and other nearby provinces will be experiencing some improvement of the weather this Wednesday.

And on Thursday morning “RUBY” will take an exit on PAR area, as the weather conditions will begin to improve.

As of now, the country will be experiencing light moderate rainfalls, especially the Luzon area as the storm, moves away.

 “RUBY’s” aftermath has left over 2 million people affected.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council  or NDRRMC, has said that Typhoon “RUBY” with international name “HAGUPIT” has affected over two million peopla and damages to property is over P 1 Billion.

Philippine Coast Guard, reported that almost 1,000 people are stranded in various port.
Also the Red Cross reported that the death toll for “RUBY” so far as counted is 27.

PAGASA said as TD”RUBY” take an exit in PAR area, another Low Pressure Area is sited in the same place where the Super Typhoon Hagupit was formed. PAGASA will be monitoring the said LPA but as of now it is very too far in the PAR area of the Philippines but PAGASA will update any information on the said formation of the LPA as the day goes by.
sources: GMA, PAGASA