CAVS Looking to End Their 1st Round Series against the Pacers

NBA – The defending Champion Cleveland Cavaliers are one win away over the Indiana Pacers to advance to the second round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs. The Cavs and the Pacers are scheduled to pace one another, perhaps for the last time if the Cavs successfully sweeps the Pacers in Game 4 in the Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis.

Game 4, is scheduled at Pacers home court, the home team together with their home crowd will try their best to extend their series over the unbeaten Cavaliers one game at a time.

The Pacers team is facing an impossible mission that through NBA History there is no teams that ever to comeback in 3 – 0 deficit in playoff history.

For the defending champion, they will have a very good chance of finishing the Pacers in Game 4, if they succeed the Cavaliers players will have some time to rest and recover from minor injuries and be prepared on the second round of the playoffs for who may ever they face between the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors?

LeBron James will lead again the Cavaliers in a possible win in Game 4? With his impressive and high basketball IQ there is a high possibility that the Cavs will end the series on Sunday (US Time) against the Pacers.

The Cleveland Cavaliers currently leads the series against the Pacers 3 – 0, in their best of seven series, 109 - 1st round of the NBA Playoffs, the Cavs take Game 1, 109 – 108, Game 2, 117 – 111 and Game 3, 119 – 114.

The Cavaliers is highly criticized on their weak defense, especially on the 4th quarter where they always blew a big lead, but the last game was the opposite of the Cavaliers persona where they outscored the Pacers in the 2nd half after falling down as much as 25 points at the half to make a historic comeback in the 2nd half lead by a remarkable performance of LeBron James and eventually won Game 3, in a thrilling and exiting down to wire finish.

Game 4, could be another exciting game, let’s wait and see.

Harden and Westbrook Battles for KIA MVP

NBA – Houston Rockets franchise player and an MVP candidate James Harden has been a legit top contender for this year 2016 – 2017 KIA NBA MVP Race. Harden has been awesome this season leading the Rockets in scoring, averaging career best of 29.5 points per game the second in the league in scoring while leading the league in assist of 11.3 per game. The Rockets are currently in 3rd place in the Western Conference with 51 wins and 22 losses. Harden is currently #1 in the KIA NBA MVP Race as of this writing.

Oklahoma City Thunder franchise player, point guard and legit contender in this year MVP Race Russell Westbrook has been awesome for the Thunder carrying the team in a potential playoff spot and as of today, despite the departure of former teammates and friend Kevin Durant, Westbrook leads the league in scoring with 31.2 points per game, 3rd in the assist department with 10.4 per game and 11th in rebounds with 10.5 per games averaging an impressive triple doubles per game this season.

As of now Westbrook has already posted 36 triple doubles the second most triple doubles in the NBA History which make him a legit contender for the KIA MVP despite his team is currently ranked at 6th in West Standings with 41 wins and 31 losses.

James Harden and Russell Westbrook has been switching places for the KIA NBA MVP Ranking for several weeks, months and mostly this entire season, but other than the two candidate Cleveland Cavaliers and 4time MVP LeBron James, who is currently 3rd in MVP Race has also a legit contention for the title, James is averaging 25.3 points, 8.3 rebounds, 7.5 assists this season and already posted his career best in triple double with 10 triple doubles, James is having also his best season in assist, rebounds and field goal percentages. Currently James and the Cavs ranked 1st in the East Standings.

What are the Parts or Components needed in Assembling Personalized Desktop Computer

If you are planning to assemble a personalized desktop or computers first things first you must know what parts or component of computer that you might need before buying. For a budget friendly or small budget we can buy 2nd hand or the cheapest computer parts that we can find online or in a computer store wholesale used components or if you have a lot of money or budget better buy new computer components to use in assembling your new desktop computers.

So why assemble if you have the money to buy new computers? Because you will never learn what are the parts or component inside of your desktop computer? Creating your very own desktop will give you the idea on what are the parts needed to build a fully functional desktop? You will learn their purpose and you will be able to fix your computer on your own if something gets wrong?

Here is the parts or component in creating your own Computer Desktop:

1. Desktop Case – this should be the first thing to buy when assembling a desktop computer, it will serve as the housing of your computer where all the parts are all placed or installed.

2. Power supply – this would serve as the power source of your motherboard that supply through all the components.

3. Motherboard – is the main parts of a computer where it serves as the backbone of all parts, this is where all the parts are installed together.

4. Processor - is the logic circuitry that responds to and processes the basic instructions that drive a computer

5. RAM – serves as the memory of the computer, the higher the RAM the better its performance.

6. Hard disk drive – this is where the operating system is installed and files stored.

7. CD Rom or DVD Rom – this is used for booting disk or reading any disk whether it’s a program or movies.

8. AVR (optional) – it helps to control the supply of electricity that flows to the computer

9. Power Cord – it is a cord that connects to desktop computer from the main electricity via a wall socket or through AVR.

10. Mouse - is used for pointing the cursor from one place through another in the windows

11. Keyboard - is being used for typing.

12. LCD or LED monitor – used for viewing the computer windows.

13. Headset or Speaker - it is used for sounds

14. Computer table - this is where you put the desktop computer.

Once the computer parts are completed and programs are completely installed and placed in a comfortable working station you can now use it for whatever purposes it may serve? Whether for gaming? Business and others.

Always remember the parts that you are buying should be compatible with one another, so that to avoid conflict or malfunction. Especially the compatibility of a motherboard, processor and ram, Always ask for assistance when buying computer parts whether its new components or second used.

How would you Know if all Driver or Plug-in of your Computer are Properly Installed

If you decided to reformat your Desktop or Laptop, be sure to check if all the necessary drivers or devices are properly installed. 

Commonly Desktop has a separate CD disc driver where you can find all the necessary driver to be installed in the computer system once you have finished formatting your desktop.

The Cd driver, usually comes with VGA driver, internet driver, sound driver and some other software that your desktop needed to be properly used. If one of these are not installed, you will not be able to use the full functionality of your desktop.

If you are not familiar with this tutorials perhaps this article is for you to learn.

The most common drivers that should a computers must have or installed:

1. VGA - stands for video graphic acceleration, it is a graphic display that used for watching video and games. If not installed you cannot used this function.

2. Sound Driver – sound driver is use for sound system. If not installed your computer will not be able to produce sounds.

3. Internet Driver – this driver is used for connecting the World Wide Web or the internet, if not installed or properly installed you will not be able to connect on the internet.

For Laptop:

As for my experience, they have a built in driver, so even if you reformat it, there is nothing to worry about their drivers, such as video, sounds and internet, they are all built in. 

All you have to do is install the proper Operating system that will be compatible on your Laptop. 

This tutorial is base on my own knowledge and experience, it may different from others due to different operating system and brand of computers.

Kindly inform me if there any miss-information or any additional information that could be added.

Important Requirements Needed in Applying For a Job

Philippines - In every Job we seek there are rules that we need to comply. there are some certain requirements that we need to complete first before we look for a job that will fit for us.

Local or international employer or company who hire a job seeker must see to it that the person applying for a job must provide the necessary documents that he or she will be able to easily identify for their personal identity, such documents are as follow:

Local Employment

Barangay Clearance – this is the first basic requirements that you will need before applying for a Job. This clearance serve as proof that the applicant is of good moral character and good resident of a given town or barangay.

To get this clearance just go to your nearest Barangay hall at your place and ask to information area that you will be applying for this clearance. there are also requirements to get this clearance, you must have a Cedula , 2x2 picture colored and application fee. fee amount depends on the area the you resides.

NBI Clearance – to acquire this clearance you must apply online in their website

Fill up the necessary details on the application form, there are options on what kind of clearance that you will need? If local purposes, just apply for local employment. after your done, print out the application form, present the print out when you visit the NBI clearance branch that you selected. Payment should be done in Bayad Center, two days before the schedule of your NBI clearance appointment.

Birth certificate or NSO – this certificate can acquire in two options. you can apply manually in the Municipal Hall that you resides or apply online, here is their online website,

Fill up the necessary details in the application form, pay the application fee in Bayad center, and wait for a few days to receive your NSO certificate.

SSS ID – you can acquire this by visiting your nearest SSS branch in your area. ask the information area to properly assist you. SSS is needed so that your employer will paid your monthly contributions, so that you will have benefits in the near future.

Transcript of records or Diploma – education is important in applying for a Job. College graduate, can pursue their career by applying for a right Job that is related to their course that they finish.

TIN Number – you can acquire this in BIR or Bureau of Internal Revenue to the nearest branch at your area, just ask for assistance in applying to get a TIN #. this is used for proper payment of your tax which the employer will pay in accordance of the law.

ID Picture – you must prepare 2x2 and 1x1 ID, when applying for a Job, every application form that you will fill up, a picture of yours is always attached.

Medical Clearance – this is required to see to it that you are properly fit. even though that they find somethings wrong in your body, some Company or Employer will still hired you, depends on what conditions you have? but in general, most applicant denied in their apllication for a job, if employer finds that the result of medical has failed.

This are just a basic requirements that you will need in applying for a job here in the Philippines, some Company or Employer might still need more clearance to accept you for a Job, it depends on what Job that you are applying for? Changes for the basic requirements may depends in your area.