Is OKC’s “Big Three” Narrow the Gap against the Defending Champion GSW?

NBA – The Western Conference has gotten bigger and better against their counterpart Eastern Conference for the last few years, The West is composed of very good team compare to the East where if Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets put into the East? The best team in the East Cleveland Cavaliers will fall to 5th or 6th places in the East Standings? That shows how great and more talented teams in the West.

The 2017 – 2018 NBA Season is about to start with less than a month to go and the teams in the West shows more interesting after some of them form their own super team all in one goal of dethroning the defending champion Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors will remain the top team to beat this season, whether it’s from the West or East, the defending champion is still the favorite of winning the Larry O’Brien Trophy for the second straight season? But there are some legitimate teams that can arguably stop the Warriors?

The new and improve Oklahoma City Thunder is a legit contender for the Western Conference Championship against the Warriors, the late addition of Carmelo Anthony from a trade deal between the Thunder and the Knicks form a “Big Three” in OKC with Melo, Russell Westbrook and Paul George who is also acquired from a trade from the Pacers. The three NBA superstar will surely lift the Thunders chances of much better post season and if lucky enough, they will have a chance to dethrone the Warriors and have some revenge from the ex- Thunder Kevin Durant.

Reigning MVP Russell Westbrook will be the main guy of the OKC, Paul George will be the 2nd options and perhaps Carmelo Anthony as the 3rd options? Will the Thunder’s Big Three stun the defending champion? Or will the Warriors get past the West easily and returns back to the NBA Finals for the 4th straight season? Let’s wait and see…

Finally it’s done! Kyrie Irving is now a Celtics Player

NBA – After several days of confusion and rumors of possibly void the blockbuster trade between the Cavs former super star point guard and four time All-star Kyrie Irving in exchange of 5 former Celtic’s player that includes two time All-star Isaiah Thomas, defensive player Jae Crowder, rookie center Ante Zizic, 2018 Nets 1st round pick and the deal that sealed the trade the 2020 Celtic’s 2nd round pick.

The trade was almost void when the Cleveland Cavaliers begins to have a second thought of Isaiah Thomas condition of hip injury when the later failed to pass the physical examination with that the Cavaliers ask the Celtics to add another player due to uncertain condition of Thomas? At first the Celtics decline the request but later on give another future round picks that finally sealed the blockbuster trade.

Overall the Cleveland Cavaliers gets 5 players from the Boston Celtics, while the Celtics gets only 1 player from the Cavs but Kyrie Irving is the only legit NBA superstar and the best player among the players that involve in the trade, even though Isaiah Thomas has a great season last year and finished 5th in NBA MVP Regular Season, Irving is still the best player that’s why the Celtics gives up so many players for this trade to happen.

Now that the Boston Celtics finally gets the best player from the trade and Kyrie Irving finally gets his demand to be traded will Irving be the man in Boston? Will he lead the Celtics to the promise land that he couldn’t do when he is the man in Cleveland when LeBron James is still in Miami Heat? Let’s see about that this upcoming season if Kyrie Irving demands was legit or if he truly excel from the years that he and LeBron James brought Cleveland in 3 straight NBA Finals and 1 NBA Champion.

Good luck Kyrie in your new team hopefully you and James meet in the Eastern Conference Finals? Boston vs Cavaliers!

Will LBJ and Kyrie Irving Co-exist if Irving’s Trade Doesn't Happen?

NBA – For now the whole world and basketball fans around the world already know that Cleveland Cavaliers teammates Kyrie Irving and LeBron James is not in good relationship after the later revealed the alleged demand of Kyrie Irving request to Cleveland’s management to be traded? Irving’s camp believes that LeBron James camp is the one who is responsible for surfacing his demand to be traded that leak to the media and now is in a frenzy all over the web.

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According to several reports Kyrie Irving does not want to play anymore alongside with LeBron James and wants to be the main man on his own team, his tired of being Robin the sidekick of Batman, which plays the role of LeBron James.

Irving has been in three straight Finals appearances were in 2016 NBA Finals he won his very first NBA Championship and as well for the franchise of Cleveland Cavaliers all of this is because of LeBron James and this upcoming 2017 – 2018 NBA Season the Cavaliers is still the favorite to return to the NBA Finals, but Kyrie Irving thinks the other way he wants out of Cleveland now before James became a free agent in 2018 Off Season where there are rumors that James is leaving again Cleveland for the second time?

Whatever may be the reason of Irving’s demand of trade many thinks that his decision is immature instead of teaming up with the greatest player of this generation and have a much better chance of another title shot in Cleveland he chooses out or even wait James exit next season and be the main man of the Cavaliers?

And now several videos on the Internet showing Kyrie Irving mocking the king in his “I’m Coming Home” themes in his return to Cleveland and another video where Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving together in a wedding celebration mocking LeBron James? Is this showis that Irving already decided to part ways with James and the Cavs? What if the trade does not happen will they co-exist this upcoming season?

Irving is still in trade discussion, but there are no clear if the Cavs management is granting his demand maybe the Cavaliers management is still looking for the right deal that will benefit the team? For now let’s wait and see if Kyrie Irving will be truly trade?

NBA Players that Unexpectedly Traded and Sign with New Team

NBA – The National Basketball Association is currently in Off Season but all the NBA teams are currently busy in trading and recruiting players that will fit in their roster to have a better chance of competing for the NBA Championship in the upcoming 2017 – 2018 NBA Season.

There are already some All-star players that have been traded even before the 2017 Free Agency has started while others re-sign with their recent team and made a super max deals as the free agency started and some leave their team to sign with new teams.

The 29 teams that are improving their roster and finding the solution of having a better chance of dethroning the 2017 NBA Champion the Golden State Warriors, but the Champions are also improving their roster as their free agent key players are already re-sign with the team and now recruiting some players that will improve their team to have a better chance of defending their title for the next season?

Here is the list of some All-star players that unexpectedly traded and joins new team:

Chris Paul – Paul is the heart and soul of the LA Clippers, when he is healthy the team is a playoff contender when he is injured the team falls down, he is traded to the Houston Rockets.

Dwight Howard – Howard was once a dominant big man in the paint in his early years in the league, but fades away these later years of his career he was traded by the Atlanta Hawks to Charlotte Hornets.

Jimmy Butler – Butler is the face of the Chicago Bulls, who ever thought that he will be traded to Minnesota Timberwolves? Will he lead the team in the playoffs? Butler reunites with his coach Tom Thibodeau and Bulls teammates Taj Gibson.

Paul George – George announce that he will be leaving the Pacers in 2018 NBA Free Agency to join the Lakers, but the Pacers management did not waste any time as the quickly traded him to Oklahoma City Thunder.

Gordon Hayward – Hayward is perhaps the biggest name in the free agency that decided to jump in the Eastern Conference. Hayward a former franchise player of Utah Jazz sign with the last season top seeded team Boston Celtics, he will join Isiah Thomas and the Celtics in their mission of dethroning the Eastern Conference Champion the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Free Agency is still on the way and with that some players are still in the market waiting for the right deals? While the teams looking for the right fit that they will need for their lineups. Let’s wait and see on who’s next big names will be traded and signs with new deals?

LeBron James Add another Milestone in his Career NBA Finals Performance

NBA Playoffs – Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James is truly amazing as he add another milestone of his career during Game 4 of the best of seven 2017 NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. 

James, who already set an NBA record for most consecutive finals appearances with 7th NBA Finals appearances in this generation along with his team mates James Jones. Both James and Jones are the only non-Celtics player to ever do it for more than half a decade. The player that currently hold the most consecutive finals appearance is currently held by Bill Russell with 10 straight Finals appearances.

In Game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals, James has made several milestones, including the record for most triple doubles in NBA Finals history, All-time NBA Finals scoring list and even in free throws. Early in the game James only need 2 points to pass the GOAT Michael Jordan in All-time NBA Finals scoring list. With over 9 minutes to go in the 1st quarter James made his first basket with a lay-up to surpass Jordan and now ranked 3rd All-time NBA Finals scoring list. James also broke Michael Jordan’s record for most free throws made in the NBA Finals in the same game.

Meanwhile, in the 4th quarter of Game 4, James finally surpassed Magic Johnson for the most triple doubles posted in NBA Finals with 9 triple doubles. James finished the game with 31 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assist his 2nd triple doubles of the 2017 NBA Finals.

Aside from the record breaking milestone, James and the Cavaliers also prevented a historical sweep at home ending the Warriors unblemished record in the post season with 15 straight wins. After a win by the defending champion, will it lead to another historical comeback from being down 3 – 0 and wins 4 straight in a row to become NBA’s back to back NBA Champion?

Seems impossible, but for the Cavaliers they done it last year, maybe this year they could do it all again? Let’s wait and see!