Dunsulan Falls Of Liyang, Pilar, Bataan

Dunsulan Falls is one of many other tourist attraction in Pilar, Bataan, aside from Mt. Samat. (The Bataan Shrine). The falls is located at the foot of Mt. Samat with coordinates of (14°36′52.7″N 120°29′33.8″E) northeast of the National Shrine in Brgy Liyang, in Pilar town.

 Dunsulan falls and the river is the main source of drainage on the crater side of Mount Samat. There are two ways to get there you can go through there by a zipline which is also a tourist attraction because it gives the wide view of the whole place of the town of Diwa and liyang Pilar, Bataan. Also the another way to get there is by walking through it.

The Falls, is very dangerous, especially for people not familiar with the place! You can swim in the river but don’t go through or jump on the falls because of some dangerous rock formation under the falls.

There are a lot of stone cottage in the area you can relax while eating and the ambiance of the place is so nature friendly, a lot of birds and trees.

 I used to be in this place where I was a kid, I was a residence of Diwa, Pilar, Bataan. So I know the place, family and friends of mind are used to get along and swim in Dunsulan Falls. My review in the Falls itself, is a bit Dangerous but also a nice place to visit after you visit Mt. Samat and get through Zipline.


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