A House Theft In ILo-ILo, Take Some Drinking Pleasure First Before Leaving The House

In Iloilo City. Philippines - a woman was surprised when she learned that her house has entered by a thief and taken her flat screen television. but that was not the only thing that the thief has made, aside from stealing her flat screen tv, the thief also change some clothes and slippers that he seen inside the house and drink some cold drinks, after leaving the house.

The thief acts was caught in a video which shown some part of the footage on closed- circuit television cameras which also shows the time and the identity of the  thief  who entered in an  apartment in Iloilo City.

The man seen on video allegedly first tried to open the doors of two rooms on the first floor of the apartment.

But when he cannot opened it , the suspect climb to the second floor . After 30 minutes, the suspects shows and his clothes  and slipper are already change. aside from that he is carrying a flat screen tv and a  lamp shade.

According to Elsa Seguiban , the owner of the apartment , they didn't knew that their house were entered by a thief because of their deep sleep.

Tenant on the second floor was also not there. It also was the first time that this is happen to us.

The thief is hard to understand his move or motive, while inside the house the thief drink some ice cold drinks and change his clothes with the clothes and slipper of the apartment owner. While his clothes was leave behind inside the house.

With the help of CCTV footage , police immediately determined the identity of the suspects supposedly involved previously in the case of theft .

Suspect as of now is still at large and was not named by the police, but authorities are already pursuing the suspect to pay his responsibility of stealing things inside the apartment of  Elsa Seguiban.


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