Important Requirements Needed in Applying For a Job

Philippines - In every Job we seek there are rules that we need to comply. there are some certain requirements that we need to complete first before we look for a job that will fit for us.

Local or international employer or company who hire a job seeker must see to it that the person applying for a job must provide the necessary documents that he or she will be able to easily identify for their personal identity, such documents are as follow:

Local Employment

Barangay Clearance – this is the first basic requirements that you will need before applying for a Job. This clearance serve as proof that the applicant is of good moral character and good resident of a given town or barangay.

To get this clearance just go to your nearest Barangay hall at your place and ask to information area that you will be applying for this clearance. there are also requirements to get this clearance, you must have a Cedula , 2x2 picture colored and application fee. fee amount depends on the area the you resides.

NBI Clearance – to acquire this clearance you must apply online in their website

Fill up the necessary details on the application form, there are options on what kind of clearance that you will need? If local purposes, just apply for local employment. after your done, print out the application form, present the print out when you visit the NBI clearance branch that you selected. Payment should be done in Bayad Center, two days before the schedule of your NBI clearance appointment.

Birth certificate or NSO – this certificate can acquire in two options. you can apply manually in the Municipal Hall that you resides or apply online, here is their online website,

Fill up the necessary details in the application form, pay the application fee in Bayad center, and wait for a few days to receive your NSO certificate.

SSS ID – you can acquire this by visiting your nearest SSS branch in your area. ask the information area to properly assist you. SSS is needed so that your employer will paid your monthly contributions, so that you will have benefits in the near future.

Transcript of records or Diploma – education is important in applying for a Job. College graduate, can pursue their career by applying for a right Job that is related to their course that they finish.

TIN Number – you can acquire this in BIR or Bureau of Internal Revenue to the nearest branch at your area, just ask for assistance in applying to get a TIN #. this is used for proper payment of your tax which the employer will pay in accordance of the law.

ID Picture – you must prepare 2x2 and 1x1 ID, when applying for a Job, every application form that you will fill up, a picture of yours is always attached.

Medical Clearance – this is required to see to it that you are properly fit. even though that they find somethings wrong in your body, some Company or Employer will still hired you, depends on what conditions you have? but in general, most applicant denied in their apllication for a job, if employer finds that the result of medical has failed.

This are just a basic requirements that you will need in applying for a job here in the Philippines, some Company or Employer might still need more clearance to accept you for a Job, it depends on what Job that you are applying for? Changes for the basic requirements may depends in your area.


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