NBA Players that Unexpectedly Traded and Sign with New Team

NBA – The National Basketball Association is currently in Off Season but all the NBA teams are currently busy in trading and recruiting players that will fit in their roster to have a better chance of competing for the NBA Championship in the upcoming 2017 – 2018 NBA Season.

There are already some All-star players that have been traded even before the 2017 Free Agency has started while others re-sign with their recent team and made a super max deals as the free agency started and some leave their team to sign with new teams.

The 29 teams that are improving their roster and finding the solution of having a better chance of dethroning the 2017 NBA Champion the Golden State Warriors, but the Champions are also improving their roster as their free agent key players are already re-sign with the team and now recruiting some players that will improve their team to have a better chance of defending their title for the next season?

Here is the list of some All-star players that unexpectedly traded and joins new team:

Chris Paul – Paul is the heart and soul of the LA Clippers, when he is healthy the team is a playoff contender when he is injured the team falls down, he is traded to the Houston Rockets.

Dwight Howard – Howard was once a dominant big man in the paint in his early years in the league, but fades away these later years of his career he was traded by the Atlanta Hawks to Charlotte Hornets.

Jimmy Butler – Butler is the face of the Chicago Bulls, who ever thought that he will be traded to Minnesota Timberwolves? Will he lead the team in the playoffs? Butler reunites with his coach Tom Thibodeau and Bulls teammates Taj Gibson.

Paul George – George announce that he will be leaving the Pacers in 2018 NBA Free Agency to join the Lakers, but the Pacers management did not waste any time as the quickly traded him to Oklahoma City Thunder.

Gordon Hayward – Hayward is perhaps the biggest name in the free agency that decided to jump in the Eastern Conference. Hayward a former franchise player of Utah Jazz sign with the last season top seeded team Boston Celtics, he will join Isiah Thomas and the Celtics in their mission of dethroning the Eastern Conference Champion the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Free Agency is still on the way and with that some players are still in the market waiting for the right deals? While the teams looking for the right fit that they will need for their lineups. Let’s wait and see on who’s next big names will be traded and signs with new deals?


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