Warriors Win Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals in OT

NBA – The defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors scape Game 1 in overtime in 124 – 114 win at home in Oracle, Arena in Oakland, California. Warriors outscored the Cavs in OT, 17 – 7 to take Game 1 and now leads the series 1 – 0. 

In the 1st quarter, both teams are shooting a high percentage in the field not allowing one another to pull away in the game, LeBron James and Stephen Curry leads their respective team in scoring to end the quarter with one point separations 30 – 29 Cavs by a point.

In the 2nd quarter, Cavs able to take the first double digit lead of the game while LeBron James is resting on the bench halfway through the quarter, but the Warriors slowly cut the Cavs lead and able to even the scores at the half with a buzzer beater made by Stephen Curry to tie the game at 56 - all in 16 – 5 run by the Warriors.

In the 3rd quarter, both teams had a seesaw battle, The Warriors had a quick start regaining the lead in a 10 – 3 run enjoying a 7 point advantage 66 -59 but LeBron James rallies back his team with his own 12 – 2 run to regain the Cavs lead 73 – 70 but the Warriors manage to hang on and regain the lead again in 7 – 0 run 82 – 75 and end the quarter up by 6 points 84 – 78.

In the 4th quarter, the Cavs and the Warriors are in tight contention and with 4.7 seconds to go, the game is tied, George Hill missed his second free throws shot that could give the Cavs lead, but either way his teammates JR Smith made a great offensive rebound but thought they are in the lead by 1 points and dribble out the ball that lead to over time.

In overtime, The Warriors dominated the Cavs by outscoring by 10 points 17 – 7 to easily win the game in OT 124 – 114.

Meanwhile, LeBron James made another huge game posting his career high 51 points of the post season in a losing effort.


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