Know The Question That Touches The Heart Of Pope Francis

Manila, Philippines – After a 5 day’s visit by the Pope an emotional  mass was held at the Luneta,Manila. Which millions of people gathered in Luneta to see the Pope last mass, before the Pope bound to go back at the Vatican.

Plenty of activities was held during the mass and the most intriging events was the testimonies of two young kids who was given the chance to ask a question to Pope Francis.

During the said mass, two kids which is 14-year-old Jun Chura and 12-year-old Glyzelle Iris Palomar has given the chance to give testimony to Pope Francis.

These two kids where once a street children till they  were saved by the Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation. one of many organization that comforts street children in the Philippines.

Glyzelle Iris Palomar, One of the children abandoned by their parents and currently living in Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation. this young girl who read the testimony by asking a question to the Pope “Why does God allow things like these to happen? Because children are innocent, and why is it that only a few people help us?

 A question that makes all filipino watching on TV and especially the people at the Luneta that touches their heart. A question that maybe even a Pope will not know the answer?

In this world life sometimes is unfair, we are just to live with it or do something about it?

After the young girl, finish her testimony, she cried and touches the heart of the Pope.

The two kids came over to Pope Francis, and the two kids kiss and hug the Pope and the Pope hugged the children several times, while the crowd was awe-inspired.

Sad to say that because of poverty, irresponsible parents, children are forced to live in the street. Doing some things even is not good or against the law that they will do just to survive in life?

Maybe someday not just on the Philippines but in the world, maybe street children will be lessen or much better no more street children?


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