Convict Attact A Child Inside NBP, Blamed To The lack Of Guard

Officials blamed the New Bilibid Prison guard  due to lack of security after an attack by a prisoner  to an  eight year old girl in a maximum security compound in Muntinlupa City . the victim was found inside the bathroom with collars and unconscious .

In a report on GMA News TV 's " News " on Saturday quoted NBP Superintendent Richard Schwarzkopf , which should be monitored by a jail guard in the prison 's 500 inmates.

But on the day the incident occurred , said that every jail guard must monitor more than 1,000 inmates and members of their families who went to jail for New Year of “ Bahala na Gang” group .

During special occasions , the visitor is also allowed in the maximum security compound to the dormitory of high-risk inmates.

The children of prisoners age 1 to 10 years old is also allowed to visits to the cell as long as their parents  will be watching them.

Its been a Long raw such rules exist but because of incident , the NBP to have a change the rules.

Schwarzkopf said that the report must also increase Guard which based on New Bilibid Prison .

According to the report , placed in isolation rooms within the NBP Maximum Security Compound suspect, that the suspect is a co-group of the father of the young victim .

Added to the report that scheduled on Monday which prosecute the prisoners .

the child was saw in the bathroom with collars and unconscious .

It emerged that in the medical examination of the child that the was abused .
source: GMA


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