Senate President Franklin Drilon Suspend LTO's New Policy For Getting Drivers License

Land Transportation Office (LTO), is in hot seat again after implementing a new policy requiring people who need drivers license must secure first a Police Clearance and NBI Clearance before going to any LTO Offices.

Upon receiving left and right petition from the public on the newly implemented requirements to acquire Driver license, Senate President Franklin  Drilon and Senate  Pro Tempore Ralph Recto temporary issue on the suspension of the new policy after questioning the timing of the implementation during  a plenary deliberations on the proposed  budget of  DOTC.

Senate President Franklin Drilon, was not satisfied on the new policy after questioning the said law and ask the LTO to review their new policy first before they implement it into law.
The new policy which required Police Clearance and NBI Clearance, might be a big problem for drivers with derogatory record. In which they cannot acquire driver license if they are facing criminal case.

Those who are facing “crime against persons and  property and moral certitude,” are cannot be able to acquire drivers license, which immediately deprecated by Senator Drilon.

Drilon explain that the new policy will greatly affect common people especially those people who have pending criminal case in which they cannot drive as their source of income because of the new policy implemented by the LTO.

Meanwhile, Social media user expressed their opinions about the LTO new policy, they said that the new policy will only add another burden for people that has already experiencing a burden on acquiring new plates and drivers license. Which took several months before they get their plate and licenses. Instead of adding new policy why not on focusing on how to serve people by improving their services for fast transaction.

LTO is one of the Government agency, in which highly criticized for poor services since they implemented new plates and new pvc id card for drivers license.
source: Inquirer


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