Many Voters Failed To Register As The Voters Registration Ended Yesterday October 31

Yesterday, was the last day of registration for all voters to registered and to complete their biometrics in order to vote in the up coming 2016 national elections.

As expected many voters swamp their way to COMELEC Offices and satellite registration in some various mall. Thousands of voters piled their way to be able to registered their names through the last minute of registration.

But many voters are frustrated and disappointed of the unorganized line and it seems many of them will not be able to registered and may not have the chance to vote in the 2016 Elections.

While The COMELEC, seems are not buying their frustration in which voters are given an early chance to go to COMELEC offices to registered as early as possible. They have given a lot of time since last year and yet they come only on the last day of registration and now complaining and frustrated as they experiencing an orderly situation. The mentally of coming on the “Last Minute”.

At this point COMELEC, has a point why come on the last day of registration? And now showing frustration on not having to vote? Even though we have work or we have limited time? We as voters has  to make time for this. To be able to be part of the 2016 Election.

COMELEC, also stands on their policy that NO BIOMETRICS, NO VOTE  and NO EXTENSION, will be helding on the upcoming days  after of the October 31, 2015 last day of voters registration.

COMELEC,  also released a features on their website where the voters can check their status of their precinct by simply clicking this Precinct Finder.  Here the voters can check  The status of  voters information, registration details, voter ID printing details, instruction to voter, notice to voter and voter center location.


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