Selfie Picture Of A Man,Used illegally To Endorse Products On Social Media

Four images of a man who took his picture’s illegaly in his social media account which the said picture has been using by a network company, who used it to advertise on their online promo. Which is reported by GMA news “24 oras”.

Mach Cadavos, the owner of the said picture, reported the said inccident to “Imbestigator” after knowing that Aim Global Network has been using his own selfie picture as to promote their anti-acne  product soap.

Cadavos, said that they are using my picture’s and posted it in social media like Facebook but dthey did not ask any permission to me, they will really recognize that I am the one who is in the picture, and you will really the before and after in the said picture.

 Cadavos, post his picture in the social networking site just to show his problem about in his acne or pimples which he patiently treat the said problem.

In addition to the using of his picture without permission , he felt bad, which the networking company post some of his picture in the social media which give wrong information about the product he is using.

 The soap that I am using is not the product of Aim Global, they are cheating the consumers, he said.

Based on Cybercrime Division ng National Bureau of Investigation, it is clear that there is a violation to RA 10175 o Anti-Cybercrime Law.

The Company, has a civil liability on the said picture which they used for their advertising purposes.which the owner of the picture does not give any permission.

 Also, The company violates the RA 7394 o The Consumer Act of the Philippines. at the same time, estafa and swindling. If you promote a product which you gine a wrong information that will constitute deceit.

Cadavos, file a computer-related forgery  against the networking company under the Anti-Cybercrime Law.

 Meanwhile, Aim Global Network,

Meanwhile , AIM Global Network, denied the involvement in this incident . Companies insist they have no relation to the Facebook account that illegal take and use photographs of the victim as an advantage to their endorse products. The company has no participation whatsoever in the creation and administration of the said account.
source: GMA


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