A Homeless Man With A Heart Of Gold

A Viral Video which features a Homeless man tested by Johs Paler on how he would spend the $100 money that given to him?

Josh, who find a homeless man in a street, gave a $100 for no reason. The homeless man cant believed that he is given $100 for nothing.

After Josh, Given the money. He followed and secretly watched on how the homeless man will spend the money he gave?

Homeless man, go through a liquor store, that at first Josh thought the guy will buy a liquor?afterwards the guy make an exit to the store carrying a massive bag, continue his walk until he gets through some park with some other homeless people.

The homeless man, get something inside his massive bag of foods and gave some foods to his fellow homeless people. The $100 that given to him by Josh was spend to buy some foods, just only to share to his fellow Homeless people.

After Josh watch the guy has done on the $100 he give, he suddenly appeared and talks to the guy and make an apology because of he secretly followed him, and tested on how he will spend the money?

And Josh give him another $100.

This heartwarming video, is an undercover experiment to sought the answer to the question of what will happen once you given a homeless person a money?

This viral video turn to be a very touching moment that proven that even a homeless man has a pure heart of giving something in need even he needed it most?

Sometimes people judge them by their looks but what inside is makes them a better person. A very touching clips that’s make me think that he might as well a better person than me!!!
source: youtube


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