Trailer Of "TRAGIC THEATER" Ban From Showing On TV and Theater

The upcoming horror movies “Tragic Theater”, which will be shown on January 2015, has been slapped by the MTRCB as “rated x” due to, the said movie is “too scary”.

The said movie trailer has been banned from being shown on TV and Theater
Tikoy Aguiluz, the Veteran director of the said movies, must be scratching his head after the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) declared that his horror movie’s trailer is unfit for public viewing twice.

The MTRCB review  has not yet to publish its ruling on the “Tragic Theater”movie  trailer, but the director cited “too scary” as MTRCB’s decision on the film’s teaser trailer.

"I cannot believe that they gave an X rating twice to a trailer for a horror film. Too scary was the decision on the said movie. I don’t see anything wrong with my version of the trailer.this is a  Horror film that’s why it is scary” which he posted on Facebook.

The movie “Tragic theater” cast starred by Andi Eigenmann, John Estrada and Christopher De Leon which is based on  the novel about a group of spirit communicator's who attempted to exorcise ghosts from which the ill-fated Manila Film Center in 1999.

The said Theater which based on real life even of More than a hundred workers were feared buried alive when a portion of the said venue collapsed while it was being built in 1981, due to rushing to finished the project of the said theater, which happen during the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ regime.

Producer of Viva Fils, said in a statement sent in Yahoo Philippines, they respects the decision of the regulatory agency’s evaluation and is conforming to its guidelines.

"We are now re-editing the material to conform to the review board's guidelines with the goal of showing a version of the trailer on TV.”
source: yahoo, youtube


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