Businessman Tiu, Alleged ' Dummy ' of VP Binay According To Senator Cayetano

Announced by Senator Alan Peter Cayetano said Tuesday that the Senate investigation released on Wednesday the documents that allegedly prove that Vice President Jejomar Binay the owner of the 350 - hectare land in Batangas , and businessman Antonio Tiu .

The hearing on Wednesday was the continuation of the investigation of the Senate blue ribbon subcommittees alleged overprice drying of Makati City Hall Building II on time Binay still the mayor of the city .

According to Cayetano , it appear at the hearing on Wednesday that the statement is true Tiu said that he bought the big land in Rosario , Batangas , and he is not Binay’s dummy .

" If he said he bought P440 million , where is the document ? When it happen ? Where is this fact ? We've looked over the documents and so far there is no proof that he was saying was true , "said by the senator in a press briefing

Cayetano 's added about Tiu , " He has a lot of explaining to do . "

In a report on GMA News 24 Oras Tuesday, Tiu insisted senator should apology in destroying his name and accusing him as a dummy of Binay .

He said that Binay is not his friend , and he is not but his brother who gave campaign contributions to the campaign of vice president in 2010 elections .

Tiu also asserted legitimate businessman and he should not implicate politicians in trouble in politics like him .

" It simple message when I made a mistake, admit that . Seek a public apology to the company , the employees we have . Otherwise we will consider in to take legal action for damages and harm caused this huge lie that they do , " said Tiu .

Tiu also announced that he was willing to attend a hearing of the Senate on Wednesday .

In turn media interviews , Cayetano said he made based on personal analysis , Binay and his family owns the controversial land .

" I welcome being proven wrong because here we are, looking not destroy a person but know the whole truth . No paper trace to mate with Mr. Tiu it . But all the evidence so far shows that the Binay it , " explained the senator.

According with Cayetano , including the evidence that emerged was the picture of the person called Binay visited the farm .

He said the legislators also have documents that prove the dummy corporation of Binay said .

" If you can show that it is legitimate company and not dummy corporation [ is ] changeable yung discussed . But so far in our research showing just used it all and actually hidden property of Binay , "said the senator .

He hoped that when Tiu attended the hearing on Wednesday was forced to Binay also to appear in the investigation .

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