Instagram Posts Of VP Binay Son, that says:" Our Place in Batangas "

Vice President Jejomar Binay said Friday that the post on Instagram of her youngest son is not proof that ownership of family land in Rosario , Batangas , contrary to the beliefs of those who criticize him .

That land was rented by Agrifortuna, there is a portion on that  place that you can take a picture, there is nothing bad about that? Oh , what? , is taking a  picture - picture evidence that we are the owners of the land, " according to the Vice President in a radio interview

 Im sad that my youngest son is being draged in this issue againts me, Binay said.
What makes me really sad is that they accused me of illegal doings and now they involved my youngest son!  God will take care of them?

On a hearing on the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee Thursday 's issue of alleged overpreiced Makati City Hall Building II , Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano showed, the photos posted by Joanna Marie Bianca Binay on his Instagram account .

Shown in the photographs that Joanna was there over the controversial property in Batangas - there's a picture that she pose one of the statue theres a ride in a Segway , swimming in the pool , while some also include family members that are partying.

There is another post of Joanna that shows her father ( the Vice President ) singing in a videoke session . In the caption , that says: " our place in Batangas " and " family dinner at Batangas . "

Meanwhile , the Vice President denounced the blue ribbon subcommittee and Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano in detention with Navotas Rep . Toby Tiangco and lawyer JV Bautista to enter the session hall of the Senate and speak at the hearing on Thursday .

Rep. Toby Tiangco is dismissed and I picked out of the room .' that’s the brand of the Cayetano. Thought you guys know who, "said the Vice President .

Cayetano said that obviously planned by Tiangco and Bautista to harass the subcommittee hearing .

" We know their intentions ,to lose focus on the issue so we will not take it , we think they 've learned their lesson , " said Cayetano.

Also Cayetano,said that the subcommittee only allowed to enter is the spokesperson of the Vice President who has a  permit to the committee to speak for him .
References: GMA


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