2 Police Killed in The So Called ' Street Demon '

“We are not engaging to fight. "said by the police who heard of called of one of the two policemen who found dead in the so-called " Street Demon " in San Jose del Monte , Bulacan .

When the police arrived in the area , they found the dead bodies of P02 and P01 Freddie Nasir Arsil Manugay .

Policemen found dead civilian clothes said the victim was found on the part of the site that dubbed " Street Demon , " also known raw site of illegal activities .

P01 Nasir he is not assigned in that area.

Although the other policemen is assign in that area but he is considered not on duty,” said by Cabradilla.

Before they found the remains of two police officers , one of the alleged victims made a calls to fellow police in his cellphone .

" The only thing we heard with our fellow police during the conversation in a cellphone cellphone , police say that , ' we do not want to fight, " said Cabradilla , the next thing is a riot.

Since many well-known criminals allegedly in place , around 20 police responded Street Demon happen the shooting of two police officers .

Saw a beam placed closed - circuit television cameras , the wiring is defined in the house of one of the suspects . CCTV would help to identify the suspects but the CPU is already gone.

All the residents are not cooperating because they scared and no one who want to give a statement on the crime occurred .

Three mobile phones got by police on the scene of the crime . Investigating the contents of this message have change apparently occurred with the transaction said .

police will not detailed the content of the message but some met the suspects . It includes a leader allegedly involved in the illegal sale of drugs and guns .


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