An 80,000 4th Year Students in High School , Could be People's Scholar?

An 80,000 4th Year students in high school , could be People's Scholar

Up to 80,000 public high school students graduating can be a free and might have a quality education to college next school year if the congress or senate passed into law this measure " Scholars of the People.
"If passed in the bicameral conference panel on Thursday such measures and confident by its author might signed by President Benigno Aquino III sign by when submitted this proposal to the MalacaƱang .

" It is a way of letting 80,000 families feel the benefits of a growing economy . This is the very essence of an inclusive growth , " said Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano , principal author of the measure . " Scholars of the People. "

" This will give deserving students opportunities to have and land better paying jobs and subsequently provide better futures for them self and their families , " he added .

Under the proposal , the government instructed all state universities and colleges ( SUCs ) to grant automatic admission and scholarship grants the top ten public high school students in their graduating classes .

If this measure " Scholars of the People is fully ammenmend by our president aquino, this will give a lot of of chance, hope for all the filipino students whom does not have the capable of entering a highschool or college because of money problem? Or the incapable of their parents to bring them to a better schools?

" I thank members of the bicam panel as well as House and Senate leaders who made ​​the measure a priority bill . This is a testament to the ability of members of Congress to Disregard politics in order to work for the greater good , " he said .


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