Cleveland Cavalier's The Best In The East

Cleaveland cavalier’s may be the best in the east in the upcoming 2014-2015 NBA season. With a star studed superstar’s. Especially the come back of the prodigal son of Akron, Ohio Lebron James.
Lebron James a  four time MVP and a two time NBA Champion’s with the Miami Heat, returns home to Cleveland, maybe for good? And a promise that he aint going anywhere anymore?

With Lebon james. The best player on the planet today, Cleveland will be a competitive team in the upcoming season? Joining him in a previous trade Kevin Love a superstar on his own right a basketball player with high intellectual  IQ in playing basketball. Kevin love,Which play Forward with a shooting outside and also can post in the perimeter will give the Cavaliers an extra offence.

Kyrie Irving, which the MVP of the previously FIBA Baskeball champion, will be a great tandem to Lebron James and kevin Love, Forming The” New Big Three”.
Aside from them, the lineup of cavaliers has a pack of superstar’s. former  teamate of Lebron James in Miami Heat, Jame Jones, Mike Miller and perhap’s Ray Allen  might join the Cavaliers? Which still not decided yet to which team he will play? All three superstars are all 3-point shooter specialist. That might give the Cleveland an outside shooting advantage? With championship experience, this will give advantage’s to Cavaliers.

Shawn marion, also join the cavalier’s with a championship experience and a unique style of playing this superstar’s of a former champion with the Dallas Maverickd, will give additional fit to the line up of Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland Cavaliers, is a Championship Contender’s in the upcoming season. with a star studed lineup, a lot of spectation will be expecting to them, With  Lebron James Co –exist to felow Superstars Kevin Love and kyrie Irving? Can wait the start of the season and see what the Cavaliers will perform/ all eyes are in this team/ how lebron James will succed in the eyes of the Hater’s?

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