Diwa, Pilar, Bataan

Diwa, Pilar Bataan is my hometown, im proud to be living there, why? Because Diwa, when it come s to tourism, this place is one of the busiest place to visit in bataan. Nice place, clean, nice people and a lot of place to visit.
The most popular and the most visited place to visit in Diwa, Pilar, Bataan is the National Shrine, “The Mt.Samat”.  Mt Samat represents the Heroic and bravery of the the Filipino and American soldiers during the world war ll. On April 9, Mt.Samat celebrate their yearly commemoration of their the Heroic and bravery of World war ll.

Another famous place to visit in Diwa, Pilar is the Dunsulan Falls. Dunsulan Falls is Located Beneath the foot of the mountain of Mount Samat. I already visit this place!  Nice Falls, Quit place, nice place foe people who want to relax, clean water. As far as I know, there is an entrance fee now when you want to visit dunsulan Falls. Not in our time when were kids it is free!!!

Another place to visit in Diwa, is the irrigation system, which was built when I was a kid, this is the common plac eto visit by many people because it is the easiest place to come to. Back way there it is used to be a picnic place! A lot of people are swimming there, a lot of cottage and the irrigation has a hanging bridge which might the one of the attraction in Diwa irrigation.
Next time you visit bataan, try this place come and visit them, somewhat you will realize under the place of a small town, there is a lot of place to visit and memorable things.
Aside from Diwa, The next barangay after another, Each Barangay has a lot of place to Visit, like the Bataan Nuclear power plant, Las cassas, Beaches in bagac and Morong, so there is lot of place to visit.
So come and visit Bataan!!!