Killers Of Cherry Pie Picache's Mother , Make A Way To Confuse The Investigators

There is no forced of entry or use of force by the suspects who killed the mother of actress Cherry Pie Picache . It is based on the investigation conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation ( NBI ) in the home of the victim . GMA News TV 's Balitanghali on Saturday , said the re - enactment made ​​the NBI , together Picache home of the victim . recalling the first reported to be seen by Picache and its driver open the door of the gate when they reach the victim's home in Quezon City last Friday night . Picache ordered the driver to enter the house and there saw the bloody corpse of the mother

But the notion of NBI , the suspects apparently meant to destroy the lock on the gate to confuse investigators and said the trigger that made ​​forcefully entering the home . Because of this , the NBI suspect possible acquaintance of Mrs. . Sison culprit . Also take the NBI forensic evidence inside the house have found footprints or footprint on the stairs of the house that supposedly came from the victim . Holders also said four new witnesses and authorities made ​​that artist 's composite sketch of the suspect based on statements of the witnesses .


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