Trixie Maristela Admire The Ability Of Tom Rodriguez As A Game Host

Super Sireyna Trixie Maristela is very happy that he attended the game Do not Lose the Money , the latest game show on GMA . But he hoped that his experience will be memorable in the show because of some things .

1 As with Tom  even its his First - time ever to be host on a game show. i really admire him and he is so very nice , very bubbly , very lively . He learned to live with the contestants , then he can  even entertain us even though he is very tired we are, " Trixie Maristela  said.

2. Because of the unique experience to show Trixie was delighted because they had a very bonding his fellow Sireynas . " I think the experience is very unique . He enjoyed and very physical . I go to the gym so for him the year yung heart fit and strong because you have actually energy . It was fun , " says Trixie .

3 Because he learned many Not just pure fun the game but he also learned much playing . " ( Important yung ) teamwork so you need to co - coordinate ' yung plan . Second would be strategy . He was not only concentrated power , he not only concentrated speed . You need to know how to strategize , then last , you need to plan well , " he said .

4 Because the more you appreciate the money After challenges to Do not Lose the Money , Trixie's more understood the importance of money . Because it is not easy to get, all you need careful spending . " Think before you Spend [should ] . Think first if you need or want just him . Also , be environment - friendly . Make sure that you buy yung not harm the nature of sexual activities more beneficial for everyone , " he conclusion .


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