Derek Ramsay Talks About Settlement

Derek Ramsay confirmed that he decided not to continue taking the " trust fund " for their children Mary Christine Jolly .

This is because others said the interpretation of Mary 's camp about ready allowance would have given the actors .

“A settlement is supposed to be made for my son.
“But, I guess, we just had to do with a different type of settlement—by continuing with what she has filed against me because I’m doing this for him [son],” TV5 star said.

On the conversation Between Derek and his son on September 18 , allegedly smashed his heart when Derek confirm that his 11 - year - old son confirmed that all stated are true in its letter issued with Fiscal Erwin Dimayacyac .

Based on the copy of the letter of children missed ( Philippine Entertainment Portal ) , announced his kids hate him so much because of the abandonment of the actors to their mother .
Letter also stated that children do not recognize Derek as a father because of all the imperfections of actors for a long time .

Derek says about it , " That 's why I wanted to put up a trust fund right away .
"That’s really been put aside, actually.

“That's what I wanted—a trust fund for him to touch when he's at the right age.
“And anything to fast-track me to be a father.

"It's just so hard that they didn’t give me an opportunity to be a father when Mary is saying that dereks is that what he wants?

" In the beginning , that he would , if he wanted me to be involved in the life of my son .
“Since 2011, I’ve been trying so hard to.”

Another of the things that surprised said Derek , 37 , is the request of the camp of Mary , 33 , to pay the actor spent the latter for its legal counsels .

Derek 's statements about it ,“We were informed that even after that, I'd have to shoulder everything else with regards to her lawyers.

“I had to pay for everything. So, we were like, 'Huh?'”
PEP and talked some more entertainment reporters Derek after the preliminary investigation held in Makati Prosecutor 's Office yesterday , September 25 .

It still relevant complaint violating R.A. 9262 Mary filed against Derek on June 27 , 2014 .


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