The Walking Dead Long Awaited Premiere's

The Walking Dead Season 5, which premiere’s yesterday morning here at  Philippine time and some other part’s of the world.The season opening titled "No Sanctuary"

The long awaited zombie series is back!  With new twist and breath taking suspense.
With the openni ng  season episode “No Sanctuary” Rick and the company escape from the butcher group at terminus, with a little from the woman called “Carol”.

Carol, who give Rick and the company to escape, during the attack of the walkers, carol gives some decoy, to which Rick and the company will have the chance to escape.
As the walkers, succesfully entered the sanctuary, they killed almost all the people inside? And  the group of Rick family escape.
After they escape they see carol, and thank her for what his done and carol told rick, to follow here and  Rick sww his baby holding by Tyreese and Rick reunite with his baby son!
This is just some scenario of the opening season which I watched! I will stay tune for the next episode! A lot of fans, all over the world and social media are talking about the premiere of The walking dead.
Definitely walking dead, is worth waited for!
As a fan of this series, I love the creativity and story lines of this series!  Zombie looks real? I hardly watch their face, I might imagine it at night? Best  Zombie series ever! Hope that someday they make a movie for this? Is that a great idea?
So, till next episode of this exiting, thrilling, horrifying, scariest and hardky to watch for me, because of suspense! “The Walking dead season 5" see you in next episode.


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