Mariveles, Bataan

Mariveles, Bataan is one of the busiest town in Bataan. Mariveles is one of the Economic industries of the Philippines. Here a lot Industrial Company resided. The Bataan Economic Zone which composed of Industrial Company Suchs as Electronics, Garments, Packaging and other’s.

Also you can find  The Mariveles Grain Terminal (MGT) is one of Asia's most advanced bulk grain facilities, providing greater efficiencies for bulk handling of grains, soybean meal and other grains required by local millers, traders and end-users.

Also you can find here the first home place of Ford, Dunlop, Essilor and many others!  Which make the Mariveles, Bataan one of the top Industrial town, not only in Bataan, but also in the Philippines.
Also you can find here in Mariveles is The Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) a school for engineering and maritime student.

MAAP’s primary objective is to fulfill the ever increasing demand of each local and foreign shipping firms with well disciplined, competently trained, competend and qualified deck officers and marine engineers who area unit readily at hand in an exceedingly globally competitive maritime trade.

Besides from these Mariveles, is famous for the Bataan Death March! In Mariveles, they Start the Famous Death March, which hundreds of american and filipino soldiers died during the famous death march!
Here also you can find the remains of what is used to be the famous beach of the former Presedent Ferdinand Marcos, The Talaga Beach. A white Sand Beach, which is now open for the citizen of bataan to have a swim and picnic.

Today another Famous beach is being known all over the Philippines. Perhaps in some countries, the Camaya Coast, The Boracay of Mariveles, Bataan.
There’s a lot of Place and Historical things that you will learn and have to visit you go to Mariveles, Bataan, this is my Hometown, I was Born In San Isidro, Marivelesm Bataan. I might not live there anymore but Im proud to be a Bataeno!!!


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