What Fears The Vice President ? Sen. Miriam Said!

 If you say truth Vice President Jejomar Binay , what should he fear ? This is the question of Senator Miriam Defensor- Santiago Wednesday after Binay again reveal he was not planning to attend the Senate blue ribbon subcommittees related allegations of overpricing in the drying of Makati City Hall Building II . According to James , it seems content to Binay in self-defense by the speech in which he allegedly his kritikito liar .

 "That is not sufficient. He must present his own evidence because, if he continues to keep silent in the Senate , then I will have to cite a 2002 Supreme Court ruling : To us , the respondent is not at all interested in clearing his name or simply had nothing to say in his defense , "said James in his speech to coming to Women Celebration of Life and Faith event at the Philippine Christian University in Manila . Concerns about Binay only embarrass him when critics appear at the hearing of the Senate , Santiago said that can not happen as stated in the Constitution that legislators should respect the rights of those who attend with their investigation

"Hence, I don't approve of this curious tendency to be thus reticent, within the face of such damaging charges against his ethical character," said by the senador

The lawmaker added that with the Supreme Court ruled in 1998 that states that " silence gives consent . "

"The natural instinct of man compels him to resist an baseless claim or imputation and defend himself. it's completely against our attribute to merely stay reticent and say nothing within the face of false accusations. Hence, silence in such cases is usually construed as implied admission of truth,"

Binay said , the public and not the Senate subcommittee will decide whether guilty or not Binay accusing him .
"A Senate committee doesn't promulgate findings of guilt or innocence. If a criminal charge is concerned, all that the committee will do is endorse the case for preliminary investigation of the criminal side of the case to the investigator or to the Secretary of Justice,"  Santiago aforementioned.

"Hence, on behalf of me as a involved subject, it's essential, even very important for Binay to evidence proof on his behalf at the Senate hearing," .

Allegedly upset if continually show their own evidence Binay and camps to refute the allegations of his critics .
"So far, due to his recurrent look within the Senate hearings, it's (former Vice mayor Ernesto) Mercado who ought to be attributable for positive testimony. His statements are supported facts supported by documents and replete with details-factors that, in jurisprudence, ar thought of as indicators of truth," explain by Santiago.


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