Samsung Defend Their New Outsized Smartphone

Samsung on Wednesday rejected claims that its new outsized smartphone had a defect, once some customers denote photos of a niche between the frame and board.

The South Korean electronics giant, that had poked fun at rival Apple over reports that its new iPhone model was at risk of bending, aforesaid the "Gapgate" complaints regarding the Galaxy Note four were baseless.

After the "phablet" went on sale in China and South Korea on Friday, variety of South Korean users denote or tweeted photos showing however a card can be inserted between the board and therefore the frame.

Some warned the gap would collect dirt and may even enable fluid into the device.

Samsung insisted the gap was a natural a part of style that "does not impact the practicality or quality" of the phone.

"We assure our customers that every one Galaxy Note four units meet our strict producing and internal control standards," it aforesaid during a statement.

A company interpreter extra that the model had passed rigorous tests for dirt protection and water resistance.

The Galaxy Note four is vital for Samsung, that brought the launch forward, apparently with the aim of obtaining it into the China market before the new iPhone six, and bigger iPhone six and.

Samsung at first pioneered the marketplace for the "phablet" devices sized between a smartphone and a pill laptop once it introduced the Galaxy Note series in 2011.

The two rivals have secured horns for years in their battle to dominate the world smartphone market, suing one another for alleged patent violations and exploitation aggressive advertising.

In a recent ad for Galaxy Note, Samsung showed a bent phone bowing to a straight phone with a line "Bend to those that square measure worthy."


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