A Man Surf On A Dead Whale Which Surrounds By Sharks

An Australian man who "surfed" a floating whale dead body enclosed by sharks has admitted that he was an "idiot" to try the bold feat.
Harrison Williams, 26, was on a boat excursion with friends off the coast of Australian state over the weekend after they chase on the dead whale.

He launched himself into the water and one of my mates thought it would be pretty funny if I surfed the whale, thus I simply did it," Williams told CNN affiliate Seven Network.

But his friends'  quickly turned after they noticed  all the sharks swimming round the whale, banqueting on its flesh.

" there is sharks! come back!" screams one of  his friends in a video of the outlandish scene.

Williams aforementioned he'd seen the sharks, together with the great white, before he jumped in. however that did not place him off taking the leap.

The Department of Fisheries aforementioned his behavior was risky and loose, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation according.

And Williams' parents were none too happy.

He aforementioned he currently agrees with their assessment and is "pretty grateful to still be alive."

Authorities say that as a result of the whale was dead and Williams did not take away any a part of it, he will not be penalised for his actions, Seven Network according.

The dead body has since washed abreast of a beach at Scarborough, a suburban area of town of state capital, apparently drawing sharks with it.

Authorities aforementioned that they had closed that beach and 2 others close, with sharks quick-sighted within the neck of the woods.
Williams, meanwhile, says he will not be making an attempt any similar stunts once more.
"I've done it," he said. "Don't got to sleep with once more."
References : CNN


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