Is it a Hoax? 6 Days Of Total Darknes In December

Is it a hoax or not?
Another news that circulating in social media that this coming December 16 – December 22, 2014, the world will experience 6 days of  total darkness? The said news in which first reported by according to the report the total darkness will happen due to the solar storms which causes space debree and dust which will spread in the outer space and it will be covering the sunlight of the sun from Earth.

The said report is confirmed by the National Atmospheric and Space Administration or NASA according to But NASA did not confirm about the upcoming event of total darknes?
Is total darkness in december possible? According to Astronomer Mario Raymundo, it is imposible that a total darkness would happen? Even if it is a Solar storm? He is explain that solar flare is a strong magnetic energy and radiation which blows by the sun and it is called Solar storm when the atmosphere of the Earth is being affected. And Raymundo said it is imposible to predict when the Solar storm can hit the Earth in this coming  December.because it can be only be known a few days after after a Solar storm happen.

total darkness can happen only in North pole, which accured during October to January for a period of 4 months which is normal on that place. 

Let's wait this coming December if it is a Hoax or Not? this is nothing new, every year end there is a news about this or end of the world?
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