Lover's That Killed In Accident, Wanted Their Parents To Get Them Married

After they killed in an accident in Iloilo City a lover that almost a decade of  relationship , wanted their parents to be married even in their deaths.

On  a report by Jennifer Munieza of GMA Iloilo, said that both  parents of the deceased  lover Katkat Yara and  JR Nava, decided to get married the two, because they witness a true and pure love on the two lovers.

That’s why they felt so intense grief that the two lovers have never got the chance to get marriage then suddenly killed in  an accident last  November 18 in Mandurriao District , Iloilo City.

The pure romance of the two until life after death  slightly reduced to the pain they feel .

" Maybe they promised to each other that even in death they will still be together, " said Julio Nava 's father  of  JR .

Consequently , the parents decided to marry the  two lover even that they are already  gone .

But  the said marriage will not be able to happen.  According to a priest of the Catholic Church , people that are already dead are not allowed to be married.

Therefore, instead of marriage , the priest blessed the two lover in a ceremony. family, relatives and friends of the couple , are all present to witness the ceremony  just  like in a real wedding .

It becomes  viral when a picture of the ceremony uploaded  in the social media of one of the visitor on the said ceremony , and  touched the hearts of  netizens in the pure romance of  love.

Even though they never married when they are still alive. But there love becomes one in the afterlife.
source: GMA


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