Pres. Aquino To VP Binay Provide Solutions or Just Leave the Cabinet

After providing some criticism by the Vice President Jejomar Binay against the current administration , On Monday he was given an options by President Benigno Aquino III to provide solutions or just leave the Cabinet .

"If  he thinks there is insufficient, he is a member of the Cabinet , then he should notify us, " Aquino said  in an interview in Calamba City in Laguna .

"If he thinks , we are in the wrong direction , he is free not come to our movement , " he added .

Binay who is facing left and right charges of alleged corruption and the accumulation of illegal wealth . Again and again denied by the Vice President, the allegations against him . He said all started ridicule when he declared running for election in 2016 .

Binay is now leading the survey for presidential candidate.

The Vice President also faces an investigation by the Senate related to alleged " overpricing " of Parking Building Makati II and its alleged ownership of a 350 - hectare property in Batangas .

In a statement last month , Binay said that  the Aquino administration  is still not doing the right things after a four years of term. Binay 's example is the problems such as port congestion , the projected power crisis in 2015, and the alleged rise of criminality in the country .

But Aquino said : "If he have some  solutions perhaps i can  hardly heard at  it in meetings of the Cabinet .Of course the question why he did not share it ? "

However , the President also mentioned the achievements of Binay as chairman of housing programs .

Last month , Binay also commented on  Justice Secretary Leila de Lima , who was also a member of the Cabinet of the President.

According to the Vice President , it seems  that De Lima prioritize the investigation into the alleged " overpricing " of  Makati City Hall Building rather  than the case of government officials benefited from the Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP .

Binay is close to the Aquino family , but the actions of the President, demonstrates that this can be changed?

Also last month, Aquino admitted that he did not consent to Binay 's request to talk to the senator who leads the Senate hearing . Aquino also denied he said that he tried to give to help the last of the controversies to it.

Binay Continued saying that hes camp remains a friend and ally of the President.
References: GMA


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