Senator Santiago Said Changing Pork Barrel Name Into "Savings" Still A Pork Barrel

Senator Miriam Santiago, Criticized legislators and other government officials which depends the 2015 national budget. following the revelation that there are still hidden alleged pork barrel funds to the proposed national funds

Also Sen. Santiago question the "new" sense of the word "savings" which mentioned in the proposal .

Budget Sec. Florencio Abad  asserted that there is no pork barrel in the proposed budget , the Secretary also confirmed that they held consultations with lawmakers to define the selected project before enactment of the 2015 budget .

“These funds, no matter what the name, is still a pork barrel, as a result of they're national funds used for local projects elite by legislators, and that they are granted in lump sums,” said by the senator Santiago.

Senator Santiago asserted that the definition of “savings” by the palace is unconstitutional
Which allow the government to declare savings fund at any time.

The Chamber also asserted that they deleted the provision in the proposed budget , but according to senator Santiago, it still remains in the " second to the last line of Section 68 ( b ) in the version of the Senate finance .

Senator Santiago, is very intelligent woman, I admire her for bringing up this, what we call pork barrel or for what ever it my names in the near future? Government must eliminate this so called pork barrel, because some politician which is greedy for money, will use it only for there own welfare. This will never stop until someone like senator Santiago, will pursue this kind of  funds, which eventually goes to the pocket of a greedy politician.

It is sad to say that, it is being barely put attention into it? Because of some cases that appears, but much less important?  The government should put more attention on eliminating pork barrel, not on re-naming it?
source: GMA


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