New Funny Commercial Of Manny Pacquiao

A new commercial of Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao has been circulating in the internet world.

About  the overhearing  the conversation of two boxer who are practicing in the Gym.

Manny misunderstood the word he hear  "the thing the people wanted"

“But the two Boxer really are talking about are the foot locker week of greatnes”

The two Boxer decided not to tell of what are they really talking about, and let Manny Pacquiao, celebrated the wrong impression of what he heard.

When Manny Pacquiao heard them, and he mistakenly assume that its Floyd Mayweather is finally agree to fight him? And he shouted that “hes gonna fight me”and being overjoyed of what he hear.

The new funny commercial features at the long awaited possible match betweeen Manny Pacquiao and american boxer Floyd Mayweather.

References : youtube